29 April 2007

New Ford Monedo Review

It important, its really important, the New Ford Mondeo has to come to Indian markets to break down the sales of The Honda, Toyota, Hyundai, and the upcoming German rivals, including the Passat which is silently making plans to enter the market..We can still find old Mondeos in the road and the customers are satisfied with it. The Mondeo will make a great re-entry to India.. but we are waiting for the call of Fords official announce..

This car will be launched in Europe in July, where the Mondeo was the the most popular new car, but the fact that the demand of family cars decreasing, they believe that there are still potential customers for family cars in Europe.


As Wikipedia.org -

The new platform will allow for the use of Volvo’s five-cylinder petrol engine, already featured in the Focus ST and S-Max. The petrol engines will include the new 1.8-litre SCi engine with direct petrol injection and 130 bhp, the 2.0-litre (145 bhp), 2.5-litre five cylinder turbo with 220 bhp, and an ST (Sports Technologies) version using a turbocharged 3.2 litre six cylinder engine, with around 250 bhp. Available diesel power units will most likely include the 2.0-litre (136 bhp) developed together with PSA, and the 2.2-litre offering 155 bhp. Mondeo will use the new electro-hydraulic steering system, first used on the C-MAX, that sharpens the steering response and helps to save fuel


Its strikingly big, 4478mm in length and is bigger by 74mm wider than the previous one. The 'BIG BUGGY' at the back look buggy and the front is the best part and looks good with the confident smiley face. The boot is not that much shown, and looks like the SRV's boot with a longer top. Huge fog lamps are seen in this car.There are lot of glassy areas resulting in heat inside the car when its kept in the sun. brake lights are kept in the center top of the boot, instead at the front of the back window.

Ground clearance is quite good and looks 'GOOD' for India for bumpy situations, so the "DUSHK" sound does not come when you drive in a big BUMP. There s something fishy about this car and does not look like the other Fords, looks like, like, like...VOLVO..yes, this car is Based on the EUCD platform developed with VOLVO.


The interiors will be based on the international version of Mondeo-
Its CRAZY.. Its loaded with crazy stuff, the steering wheel alone, check out the picture shown- All the fittings and the consoles and the instruments are neatly and cleanly packed with perfection and a lot of storage areas are available to put your stuff on long drives. the dash is nicely sloped in to get better legroomm, and the wheel looks huge, ya.. for so many stuff in that its considerable.

Electronically adjustable side mirrors and a dead pedal is put up. This car has the rights to be called " the car with the largest glove box, maybe for Bond to put his weaons in it? or to keep stuff? But why so huge? who cares.. we are getting a big box that s what we want, throw the question s away. The titaium finish looks neat and the the interiors are the best seen ford interiors..Really check it out and compare with the others. As the reflection of the dash towards the glass is quiet irritating as also seen in the Fusion and the Aveo. The Steering is awfully light and might take us to America instead of India as done by Columbus but the feedback is quiet good.. and dont worry about the Columbus part, its good at handling.

Performance? Howz it?

As per Autocar.co.uk -
"However, there has been a bit of a shift in handling character with this car, brought about partly because of the increase in size. When the road begins to really buck and twist, this car is slightly less nimble, that little bit less quick to change direction, than the last. As pay off, the driver of this new Mondeo gets much better refinement. Both wind and road noise are much better suppressed, high-speed ride quality is excellent (especially with the adaptive dampers in comfort mode), and motorway stability close-to-unflappable. The engine is quiet and vibration free, but it delivers only average performance."

Source:- autocar

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