24 May 2007

The New Fiat Linea

Fiat had been in the market for a long time now from the old padmini till the Fiat Palio Stile, and its not possible for them to stay long with the stile and now big plans for India are made for Fiat-India, under the salesmanship of Tata, Fiat is going tp launch the Fiat Grande Punto and the bigger Punto, the Fiat Linea by June 2008, hoping that the Linea would make Fiat rise up the volumes, lets Check out what the Fiat Linea is really like.

Fiat Linea Happenings:-

The Fiat Linea which was designed by the 'Fiat Style Centre' made its debut in Istanbul with a beautiful show to unveil the Fiat Linea with the new red fiat badge. The Fiat Linea will be manufactured in Brazil, Russia, China and yes our very own land India. The car which was developed by a 50-50 joint venture between The Turkish Tofas and Fiat Auto, this car is already launched in Turkey. The Linea will be marketed in European countries since it has the "Italian" look, which is most liked by these guys. The Linea along with the Grande Punto will be made at the Tata-Fiat Ranjangaon plant and is expected in July of next year, its a long time boy.. but worth the wait.
Engine and Gadgets:

The Fiat Linea has 2 engines launched in Turkey, the 1.3 multijet diesel engine which is found in the swift, and a 1.4 petrol engine. The 1.3 Multijet diesel engine with a variable geometry turbo, 16v produces 90bhp and the 1.4 FIRE petrol produces 77bhp and torque of 115Nm, underpowered compared to the rivals here in India. A 1.4 petrol engine is likely to come later with a 16v Turbo that produces a whooping 120bhp. A 1.8 and 2 litre engines will be available by next year and is mostly expected to launch in India, and another fast and fun to drive engine the 1.4 T-jet that produces 88bhp and torque of 206Nm and we might also see a 1.9 Multijet Diesel which was put up in the Bravo and the Grande Punto. According to Fiats website, the Linea 1.4 FIRE has the best in class mileage - 6.3lit in 100km and the multijet 1.3 4.9Lit in 100km. The !.4 T-jet reaches 100 in just 9 seconds and a top speed of 200 Km/h and the multijet goes

A special version will be launched in Brazil,which will be powered by the new 1.9 Flexfuel engine that shoots 130 bhp, it runs on gasohol, which contains ethanol and pure bio-ethanol.
Now coming to the Gadgets(all are international version, some might not come to India) this is a part where cars of the same segment dosent have it and compares itself with higher sedans, such as certain sophisticated climate and infotainment devices improve the comfort and quality for long runs for passengers, automatic climate control,USB port, Cruise Control, a radio with CD-Mp3 player, parking sensors and other lovely guddies.

Special Features:-

First of all, i want to say is that, most of the features, might not come to India, i am telling this because there are possibilities of them coming to India.
Its all about the Sensors in the car:-
1. Parking Sensors - This is a very important thing for this car as it is long and the thing s below the boot cannot be seen. The Parking sensors helps the driver to know that there are objects in the back, which helps the driver to avoid that hit, it is noticeable when the car is on, reverse gear and during maneuvering.
2. Rain Sensors - The Linea guarantees clear visibility even in rainy conditions, the sensors behind the rear view mirror enables to start the front viper and manages the speed by the force of the rain.
3.Air conditioning - The Linea Air conditioning is not just throwing out cool air, it balances the heat and humidity comparing to the temperature outside and inside and maintains the amount of coolness, and maintains the attention of the driver at the optimum level, giving greater significance in terms of safety.

Performance of 1.3 Multijet

Those of you watching NDTV. This Test is done by the Ndtv car and bike show
"The Car was surprisingly responsive for a 1.3 diesel engine, for a car of this size. While the gearbox was quite annoying in traffic conditions, which might be a major problem in India, like the notchy gearbox of the Chevrolet Aveo, which got many complaints, Fiat better fix up the problem. The Torque is a sweeping 200nm and is offered in 5-speed manual, 6-speed dualogic automatic, it has a very satisfactory pickup, and solid dynamics even at sharp curves, overall the car is great to drive and might work well for India. The Diesel Engines might come as a success in India as the only competitor is the aging Skoda Octavia."
The NDTV Ends here!!
The Diesel cars - Ford Fiesta, Hyundai Verna, Skoda Octavia, the upcoming Optra Diesel.
Fiesta's Diet car - Mileage is a main concern for us Indians.. the most important.
Hyundai Verna - The Performance Car of the Year Badge and good performance.
Skoda Ocravia - Performance with ageing car and surviving interiors.
Optra Diesel - This new car might be the main competitor for the Linea, as GM boasts to give maximum Performance and now with a SRV head and better upmarket interiors. Looks like competition.

Exteriors of the Linea

The Fiat Linea was designed by the Fiat Style Centre. The exterir styling is elegant, dynamic and typically ‘Italian’. It screams ITALIAN everywhere..the new red Fiat logo looks great and the Grill was placed and made nicely. The headlights are big and gives the car a maseratish and astonmartonish look, the front looks classic and awesome. The front curves beautifully that gives it a sport look and a little bit of aeroplane is shown.. i think they treid streamlining.. The fog lamps go well with a nice plastic finish. Coming to the side body colored side mirrors with a little bit of plastic and chrome finish for the door handles, We Indians have love with chrome that it makes it feel that Chrome gives a rich look. Heres another interesting thing that the side mirrors are placed on the door.
The Wheel arch has been nicely curved and made and the curves goes through the back doors. More chrome works had been done to entertain those chrome fans, down in the doors and bekow the lights. The front shape of the car has given it a fiercing sport and muscle look, as for the back a nice and class style. The bodys line and curves are nicely made and gives it a muscle look, rather than a boxy shaped look like the WagonR.. The taillights are clear and overall the car calls itself "Italian". Awesome design and we better keep our hands tight for this beauty, its a looong way to Alabama mamaa..


Width - 1730mm
Length - 4560mm
Height - 1500mm
Wheelbase - 2600mm
Boot - 500 Litres

Comparison of Dimensions

1 Width - Linea beats the Aveo, City, Fiesta, Verna, Indigo Xl,Optra, Corolla, Mercedes C-Class and the Lancer Cedia. Wow!! beating the C- Class, cool, but the new c class definately beats it amd the octavia beats it by a mere 1mm, and the SX4 by 5mm and the 3 series with a huge 87mm and the civic by just 20mm.

2 Length - With 4560mm the Linea beats everyone in the category making it the longest car. Cool!!
3 Height - Aveo - by 5mm , SX4 - by 60mm and the Indigo XL - by 40mm defeats it in Height

4 Wheelbase - Beats every car but Indigo Xl, Civic, C-Class and 3 series, but ties with the Optra, Cedia, Corolla.

5 Boot:- Beats every other car but Ocavia and ties with City


Class.. Pure Class.. The Interiors are great and upmarket products are used.. starting with the dash.. The Gauge is not bulging out like the other cars in India, it stays low and can be seen clearly through the steering wheel, and hence better view of the road. Audio controls, cruise control, climate control and other stuff are embeded within the steering wheel. Nice rectangular aii vents give the dash a clean and poper look.. The center console is given a steelish kind of look and an indash CD-player.
The Gauges with metallic elements look sporty good. Rear AC vents are available for the rear passengers!! The BlueAndMe is a technology that allows to use the phone in the car with bluetooth technology and to listen to various music formats with USB ports. The Seats finish is nicely done and looks great. Rear Headrests are available in threes and is adjustable, an armrest for the driver and rear armrests for the passengers at the rear. If you look from the side the driver side of the dash is pulled toward the steering wheel that denies other passengers to peek into the instruments and gauges. this car has lot of button that takes some time to learn all those.. Its like a cockpit.. a mini cockpit though.


The Linea is Fiats next big hope after the Punto and the Bravo and will definately bring sales to Fiat.. Great Interiors, sporty and classy exteriors and good performance and a price range of 8-11 lakhs, the Octavia, Corolla, Civic and other cars better watch out and out of the 1.4 engine s the Fiesta, Verna, Aveo and SX4 better stay tuned..looks like Fiat got a winner in their hands.

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Anonymous said...

Fiat having come out of all their troubles( or at least most of it) and with the running tie up with the big daddy of automobs in india it would be really great to see the linea launched. The specs look great. and If launched as stated in between 7-8L would be a real good VFM car. Style and subtance not to be forgotten. Would they trim it down is the only worry. Things like dual airbags, climate control etc should be std. It should really be a runaway. Am personally a big fan of Fiat and am looking forward to it. Have postponed my buying decision till the launch.

Anonymous said...

Waitng waitng ...

Vikas K said...

When is this car expected to be launched in India...I have postponed my purchase in the hope that it is launched in the next two months.....I currently drive Fiat Palio (was perhaps amongst the first few hundred buyers of Palio way back in 2001) and carry immense sense of satisfaction having driven it all this while....

AutoCrust said...

Thank you for the comment.

Great choice man, the Palio is a wonderful car. The Linea will be launched in india a little late in 2008, maybe june july while the punto is expected earlier.

PaydayLoans said...

xephje You have a talant! Write more!

Opendro said...

I'm also waiting for the lauch of this beauty in June 2008 a few months ahead of Punto (CEO fiat powertrain, in an interview to AutoCar India in Oct 2007), ready to spend even 11 lac for the top end if all the internationally available features are available in India too. More features in www.fiatlinea.com. I can spend upto 12 lac if they provide the 1.4L 16V 120 bhp turbo jet petrol or the 1.9L multijet diesel. Linea is what stopped me from going ahead with the Optra magnum diesel. Let's hope fiat will not disappoint us.

Freddie said...

Though the Linea seems like a good car, it can only be a great buy if priced and equipped correctly. For a car having dimensions larger than the Honda Civic and Toyota Corolla but having an engine smaller than a Honda City / Toyota Vios (1368cc engine petrol) - I have my reservations... I doubt if the Turbocharged variety will make that much of a difference. I would not pay more than Rs.9 lacs for the same (on-road Mumbai and ONLY if fully loaded). At 12 lacs my options open up completely - what with the new Corolla / new City coming in...

Add to that FIAT India's erratic service record and tainted past - I feel the only way they can tempt the Indian consumer and regain the confidence is by offering the Linea FULLY LOADED at ROCK BOTTOM PRICES

Satish said...

This car wont exceed 9 lakhs with that 1.4L engine. It is also said they might bring in a 1.8. And the test by Carandbike NDTV said that it was a great drive even though it was a 1.3D engine

Opendro said...

I said "if all the internationally available features, such as active and passive safety features, Blue&Me, 17" alloy, special equipments, cruise control, blah blah, are offered in India too". Even a naked Honda city is sold around that price. Honda Civic with hardly of these goodies sold here (Bangalore) at 14L on road. So, 12L for a top-end linea with all the goodies and 120 plus bhp power will be really good (my own assessment). For more information on the features, please go to http://www.fiatlinea.com

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