26 July 2007

2008 Ford Focus

A new Ford will be coming, a car that will fight, fight the Honda, the Toyota, and the slow Mitsubishi along with the Skoda cravate. Yes, Ford will be bringing the Focus to Focus the D segment. A really tough fight it will be, its worth it, really. Its previous version is U.K's best seller, good right? And also don't forget that Corolla and Civic also exists in that region! and now comes the 2008 ford Focus.

Focus Happenings

Ford has got the Focus in Europe the best-selling car where almost the entire range of D-segment is available including the Civic. The reason why we are posting the 2008 Focus is because, the car will not be launched this year and maybe next year, and since its tagged 2008 Focus and the Focus will be brought in, its gotta be this car.
Exteriors and Safety

The new Ford Focus has been redesigned completely from inside and out, its gives the modern sporty look along with muscular solid look, and provides the name "class" from the back. This model has been a huge successful design compared to the previous one and is said to improving driving dynamics. The designers have done the job well, bought the fusion sedan in front and got some classy features from it like the chrome grille, the crisp lines are gives it a coupe type look. The headlights are a different story, those guys are damn clever, by copying 3 cars heads, the difference is less, the Nissan 350z, the SX4 like inclining and the Mitsubishi Eclipse type of tail-light.
The safety features in this car is nothing great, like the other cars these also offer airbags - 2 side and 2 side curtain and two front, seatbelt pretensioners, and Ford's Kinetic Design. An anti-theft system is also available in this car, which will not be available while in India.

Interiors and Features

The interiors are also well appreciated. If you call the Civic lighted, what will you call this? It reminds me of the Lincoln range of cars, where lighting was a great feature. Step in the Focus at night and be welcome with beautiful blue colour in the console and the cup holders near the gear, but also a choice of different colours. The steering wheel is embedded with button and i tell you, i love buttons. Its lined in a manner that you can identify without looking the wheel.

A man of cool drinks or late to office with coffee in the hand? Feel no problem to where to keep the cup, this car is loaded with those. The Focus is well equipped and design is great and clean.


Thats it, if Ford Focus comes and along with the new Corolla, the Honda sales are definitely going to come down. This car has wonderful interiors and sporty with muscle exteriors and hey.. its predecessor is UK's best seller. Will be worth a wait. But in 2 years will be a doubt.

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Anonymous said...

You might want to warn your readers that the '08 focus does not come standard with a spare tire. That's a $60 option. It comes standard with an electric air pump which is useless if you have a blowout or sidewall puncture. I can't understand Ford's thinking on this.

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