19 December 2007

Skoda Fabia releasing soon

Appah! at last, after all those postpones, Skoda is finally releasing its Fabia in the 2008 Delhi Auto Expo, and we are going to love it. I know i am a little late but still, they will be placed a segment above the Swift, where competition will begin in 2008 with the launch of Hyundai I30, Honda Jazz, Toyota Yaris, Ford Fusion and more expected to come. Question marks on the head as usual for the name Fabia, just like Octavia, Laura?? from which dictionary did they get these names?

The first time Skoda had announced its launch was when Devdas was released and they kept postponing the date and here we are 2007 waiting for 2008 and rumors of Devdas 2 has been spread and many waited for its launch with many people eagerly waiting for booking it. I think this must be the second generation Fabia, and the one before this was expected to launch in 2005 or something, with many rumours of the sedan and hatch for the release in India. Both of them looked like a shrunk skoda Octavia.

The Fabia is expected with 3 engines that will be 2 Petrol and 1 Diesel in which one petrol is expected, and I expect the diesel to be sold more. The 1198cc 1.2L 3-cylinder engine 12V produces 70bhp with 123Nm torque and the 1422cc 1.4L 3-cylinder 12V Diesel engine(TDI) producing 80bhp and 195NM. The 1.4L 16V petrol producing 85bhp is not likely to be in India.

Clean, elegant styling, with an all new fab-head and tail lights and the chrome covered traditional Skoda sign with its grille and well designed front with clear foglamp.
The car is certainly huge, with some Swift-like features, well not actually Swift but the mini-cooper in the doors and the height. The simple rear makes up that it ain't for people who looks to show off their sportiness, its not at all sporty unless you would like to modify it!

Skoda is not a Maruti, so like the size of the exterior it will be big inside also, spacious with 300 liters of boot space and can be extended to more than 1160 when folded. The Fabia has good legroom, knee room as well as head room, there is also a hand-rest for the driver with a good to handle gear. Lot of space available for storage such as twin glove box as well as huge side door pockets. The Fabia's dash looks a bit familiar with that of the Fiat Linea. The colours have been well matched but the instruments have not been made up that well.

Wheelbase 2460 mm
Length 3990 mm
Width 1640 mm
Height 1500 mm

The Skoda Fabia passed the Euro NCAP test with these results:
Adult occupant = 4/5 stars
Child occupant = 3/5 stars
Pedestrian = 2/4 stars

All we have to do is wait for one more month and it will be launched. Yay! cheers..

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shyamuni said...

yes its gonna be here on 10th jan 2008.3 engine variants 1.2 petrol & 1.4 petrol and diesel.

robert said...

yea thtz rite shyamuni,am on for a test ride this weekend.

nikita said...

guys,shud i register online on www.fabiafeelspecial.com or contact my dealer for a test ride.

Anonymous said...

Checked with Dealer today,

Topline Ambience Cost 9.5 lakhs Onroad, and the starting classic costs 7.5 lakhs

vinit said...

what car are u talkin abt..those aint prices for fabia atleast.

vinit said...


lovely commercial

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