08 May 2008

All new Skoda Superb launching in 2009

Probably not the latest or the best of all news, but it sure is a true one. Skoda's made a complete update or facelift to the Superb, meddling with all the true aspects of the design from the proud front to the sad back, all gone. So what, its been in the market for quite a long time, it has to retire, resulting the great front and the proud back.

The current Superb is placed between 19-21L and the new Superb will not have much of a change in the price. The new Superb is complete business type and is based on the Passat's platform. There are a few changes in dimensions too, it will be longer, wider and shorter than the current Superb. The new Superb is a never seen like design from Skoda and has its own, unique design. Though it looks like a sedan, the system is like a hatchback. F.ex - when you release the boot, the rear along with the window comes up.
The design is very classy and the interiors are to be very luxurious with upmarket material used and better finish. Skoda will be dumping the Superb with a lot of innovatives and the latest features which includes automatic direction changing headlights, automatic parking assist, navigation system and electronic climate control system.

Skoda India said "The New Superb will be launched in Europe in October this year. Following this, we will introduce it in India sometime next year. This will help us increase our sales in D segment as the new model will have many USPs".

Skoda is having a great time with the success of the Fabia. Who knows, they maybe so happy that they might even bring the Skoda Roomster later.

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