13 May 2008

Skoda Developing New Small Car

The success of the Skoda Fabia had stirred hopes of success for Skoda company and plans to do further and become one of the country's main manufacturer and create a great brand image for itself. Skoda is planning on a small car platform, smaller than its Fabia ranging from the much wanted bracket of 3-5L and might be competing with the Hyundai i10.

The new car will be made in India and will also make its debut in India by the year 2010. Skoda is currently selling the much famous Fabia, Octavia, Laura and the Superb. The Skoda Superb will be replaced by the updated version which will launch by this year. Rumours of the updated Laura are creating news around, but the news is not completely confirmed. Skoda also plans to launch a 1.6L version of the Skoda Octavia, which will help in sales.
Skoda plans to extend its product portfolio by having 8 cars for launch by the end of 2012. The production of the Fabia will move to VW’s Chakan facility by 2009 and free up space at Aurangabad. This is done so because by 2012, Skoda plans to sell 1Lakh car's annually.

The Skoda Roomster MUV is said to be launched by the end of 2008, or early 2009. The new Superb will enter in the end of 2008. The company plans its Suv Skoda Yeti by 2010 and also the Fabia Combi, which is an extended version of the hatch.
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