13 May 2008

Tata Nano Versus Bajaj Lite

The battle for the Cheapest and the most efficient car began when the world was shocked to see the Tata Nano. Now more and more companies are following the latest trend of "low cost car". Bajaj joined hands with Renault and Nissan to make the best possible competitor to the Tata Nano.

The Bajaj-Renault-Nissan small car codenamed ULC will be finished and will be production ready by 2011 and will be based on the Bajaj Lite concept which was showcased in the Delhi Auto Expo 2008. The new Joint venture team will go with the ratio of 50:25:25, where the 50% will be Bajaj's share.
The managing director Rajiv Bajaj during the auto show said that "The Bajaj lite will not be exactly the same price as the Nano, but will be providing a greater Fuel Economy that that of the Nano."

Bajaj had said that they will compromise the little higher price with increased Fuel Economy. Increasing the FE is a great factor due to the increasing of petrol prices in India, making it a very very reasonable car for the city. Renault maybe using their increasing space technology for this car also, so we can expect better legroom.

The Bajaj's new car will be another great topic for environmentalists to discuss on. Lets hope the name Bajaj gave "lite" does give lightness to the environment. And hey, it will cost almost 1.5Lakh on road.


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