02 March 2009

Dacia Duster Concept - first in Geneva Dacia 2009!

The first information about the new Dacia Duster Concept, which will be presented in world premiere at Geneva in 2009!
Dacia Duster is the first result of collaboration between the Center for Renault Design Central Europe in Bucharest and Renault Design Technocentre in Guyancourt (France).

The new car tries to combine several styles: driver cockpit is specific to a sports car, the car interior is specific MPV (Multi Purpose Vehicle), and guard the high ground is a characteristic of a crossover.

Dacia Duster expressed robustness, as he usually angular style of Dacia Logan. The front is innovative, inspirând power, and lights are still very much on the side, highlighting the prominent bosajele wheel 21.

Side of a car we reliefeaz─â very compact form, even close to a coupe or a hot hatch. However, car doors that open contrasens provides excellent access to a futuristic interior. Notably antisimetric style: on the right are two doors, as the Mini Clubman, while on the driver's side just a large door.

The back of the car will certainly be considered controversial, several designers applying new solutions: a kind of semiwings "in the back side in an aerodynamic, large taillights, continued, like the headlights on the car sides, a hayon that" bite " much of the ceiling and the narrow lateral optical blocks shaped like small wings.

The interior has a large emphasis on practical spirit - is highlighted by innovative modularitatea, the front passenger seat dragging under the driver's seat and rear seat hip having different ways of closing. Trunk configuration for achieving a minimum volume of 470 liters and facilities of passenger going over the barrier the value of 500 liters.

Drivers cockpit is clearly delimited from the rest of the passenger, orders are minimized. This creates a lot of surfaces and small areas of command, intuitively placed. Notably glass ceiling and already the usual concept that any observed.

Very compact, only Dacia Duster measured 4.25 meters long (just as Dacia Logan), but has a Wheelbase of 2.8 meters is actually a real living room on wheels with an aerodynamic coefficient of just 0.30. The better for the environment because the 1.5 dCi engine which develops 105 HP and is coupled to a manual gearbox with six gears, it praises the average consumption of only 5.3 km litri/100 and CO 2 emissions of 139 g / km.


cars said...

Wow!!... excellent model!!.. unbelievable!!!

CenceAlonso said...

yeah really nice one......

Toyota Wheels said...

Not bad at all. A crossover is more advisable to have nowadays than large sedans or SUV's.

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