11 June 2007

Chevrolet Optra Magnum Diesel

Having launched the Chevrolet Aveo-UVa, Chevrolet Spark, they have kept a sign in those segment and now Chevrolet India has launched its new car, the Optra Diesel, the given name is the Chevrolet Optra Magnum Diesel, its got a hybrid mixture of the Chevrolet SRV and the Petrol Optra. This time General Motors has got to the notepad first instead of the drawing board, they have unanalyzed the conditions and the needs of the people and has done it beautifully, nowadays diesel cars are in more demand and we would love to see a diesel Chevrolet Aveo in this line-up, and GM claims that the Optra Magnum gives the low-cost-ownership tag.

Engine and Variants

Chevrolet has put up a 2.0 Litre TCDi Turbocharged that produces a 121 Ps @ 3000 Rpm and an agressive torque of 314Nm @ 2125 rpm, 16V SOHC and displacement of 1991 cc with 4 cylinders,and a CRDi (Common Rail Direct Injection), which gives more power, and better mileage. The Optra Magnum is the most powerful car in its segment. Well, the Octavia better watch out.

The Optra Diesel or Magnum as its known, is priced very well which starts from 8.75Lakhs till 9.99Lakh, the killer one with all sorts of stuff thrown in and people will be impressed with it. The Variants will be named as - Max TCDi, LS TCDi, LT TCDi.

Exteriors and Safety

GM has given Optra a redesigned look with the mixture of the Chevy SRV and the Optra making the combination of class and sport, though the b. Giving the SRV look is a good idea, the exteriors are well built up and fit and finish is OK, because of the front Grille, a space lies where its not shut properly, like the Ford Fiesta. The sleek d
esign pronounces the power of the car. The alloys gives the car more style and shining look, and the body is placed with Chrome, that people love it and gives it a classy look and keeping it more exciting, the door grip handles is made of chrome. Side mirror turning lamps are equipped too, that will help the cars coming from the opposite direction can see better and make a way. Overall the car looks good and the front design cues are mostly bought from the more handsome car, the Chevy Epica, which will come to India next year.
The Safety features are good too, the optra Magnum is not made for power only, but also concentrates on the Safety level required for Indian roads. Starting with the airbags, ohh..well people are surely in love with safety bags here, and GM has provided dual airbags for us airbag entusiast and safety concerned people, and to keep the wheel on the road and not skid through the footpath and to give a firm stop, Anti-lock braking system (ABS) with X-Pro system is also provided. To help you in heavy traffic, a 5mph impact proof bumper is ready for service anytime and anywhere.

Interiors, Features And Comfort

The sleek design exteriors was designed to give maximi\um interiors space, the interiors has been re-styled and has better upmarket interiors, a 2-tone interiors, i had a chance to see the car before even the car was released and it was beautiful inside and the red car looked dashing, everyones eyes went on the car as it was entering into GM's service center. The sad part was that i didnt have a camera in my hand, i would have published in this blog. Okay, enough of Fairy tales now back to the car. The space was enormous and had low seats, which wouldnt hurt the legs in long drives. A Wheelbase of 2600mm making it the best in class legroom. The dashboard looked beautiful with all those beige colours and woodfinish and the air-vents looks like they were made from the dash and had a classy silver finish, and the only sad part was that the aircon controls looked a bit dull, a little bit of chrome finish would have been better.
In terms of comfort, the optra magnum is great. What the use of all those power and style, if its ride comfort quality is like a bullock-cart, so to enjoy the style and power with those interiors, comfort level is also raised, its made so that you and your family enjoys the ride while you have the power with comfort with a commanding grip to the steering wheel that is leather wrapped while you can adjust it. For long drives the sear has lumbar support which keeps your back uncrampy. Storage areas are available in plenty, at the rear and front doors, cup-holders at the rear and an all wheel independent suspensions are provided to ensure good ride quality and also a 60:40 rear seat folding is aslo provided. And a music system that has 6 speakers, that will unleash the music while you are driving or waiting, and also NVH(Noise, Vibration, and Harshness) has been enhanced to decrease the vibrations to feel the complete comfort.

The Competition

Competition is not much, but it will come later though, the Fiat Linea and the all-new elantra and even the SX4, if given a bigger engine, but will come no match in legroom(difference 100mm) and quality.The Optra Magnum will be fighting against the likes of the Elantra and the Octavia, the elantra is ageing and the all new elantra will come to fight the Optra, Linea and the Octavia.
The Optra is more powerful and has higher torque than the Octavia. The Optra Magnum is taller, longer and has longer wheelbase than the Octavia, but the Octavia defeats it in width, the Optra also has higher ground clearance than the Octavia. The Optra has a 16V SOHC wheras the Octavia has a 8V SOHC. The Optra is creamed with wood all around the cabin and gives it a classy look, and also has leather seats.

General Motor Launches

General Motors wont keep quiet this year, by launching the Aveo- UVA, Chevrolet Spark, and the diesel Optra Magnum they have occupied the small car and upper diesel segment. And now they are bringing cars in different segment, at the end of the year, the famous SUV, the Chevrolet Captiva or the Daewoo Windstorm as its know in some places will be unleashed in India and next year they will launch the Luxury car, the Chevrolet Epica that will take on the Toyota Camry, Honda Accord, Hyundai Sonata, this car had relpaced the Vectra (Chevrolet Vectra, Holden Vectra, Opel Vectra) in some places.

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sathish said...

Gud car, looks stylish.. love the interiors, a bit too expensive for me though. Awesome interiors

siddharth said...

it has awesome power and torque....good ride.. gonna buy it in a month

saju said...

Has anyone test driven this in stop and go traffic?. A big risk is will GM discontinue this in a couple of years

jaganath said...

I was very impressed with the looks of the car and the technical specs, took the car for a test drive the results of which are as follows

1. Vibration at low RPM
2. Amazing accelaration and when the turbo hits the car flies.
3.Interior is good but not refined attention to detail and finsih is lacking, like the little nicks and bumps on the airbag cove and shaking wooden pannels and the mis aligned doors.


Rest all abt the car is fine, YES chevy dealers are disorganized and unprofessional.Goodluck

Anonymous said...

Jaga"R"nath ka bharose mat karna!

Chevrolet Optra Magnum said...

Excellent specifications given about this car.Chevrolet Optra Magnum is a very elegant, classy and dynamic Sedan segment car .Chevrolet Optra Magnum
makes an impression both ways – exteriors and interiors.The exterior of the car is very dynamic and elegant with sleek body graphics.

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