27 June 2007

2007 Hyundai Elantra Coming To India

Hyundai's current Elantra is dying and needs water and some redesigned dressing with some better performance to get some sales. Hyundai's realized that the Elantra cant keep going even after the price cuts and has reveled the new 2007 Elantra. This car might become a serious competition for famous Honda Civic. Nowadays, Hyundai's designer speaks a new language of designing, lets see what's on the new Hyundai..

The Elantra Happenings

The Elantra was made a world debut at the New York International auto show on April 2006. This was a serious make over by hyundai to the current elantra and is a completely new car with new style, interiors and engines. I personally think Hyundai believes in inspiration, With most of the features of design are identical to the other cars.
The new elantra is launched in USA and is getting a good response to it too. In India, the all new elantra will compete against the likes of the Honda Civic and the Corolla or even the 2008 corolla in the petrol, and the Octavia and the Optra in the diesel options.

Engine, Power And Transmission

The Elantra has 4 engines types, they are the 2.0L petrol, and the 2.0L diesel, 1.6L petrol and Diesel. The 2L petrol, 16-Valve, DOHC engine with CVVT produces a power of 138bhp and 184Nm of torque at 4600rpm. To have a touch in the Indian customers, Hyundai comes with a 1600cc 2L new common rail diesel motor. This uses dual overhead cams and four valves per cylinder for better consumption. The 1.6L Diesel,is substantially smaller than the 2- litre unit that powers the current Elantra, butproduces more power and torque than the current. This is because of more advanced multiple injection per stroke, upto five, technology as well as a more advanced variable geometry turbocharger, which is found in the higher segment.
And also a 1.6L petrol, that produces 122horses and is also the engine series is called the Gamma series. But I do expect the 2.0L Diesel and petrol or a new 1.8L petrol to enter the Indian markets as the Corolla and the Civic in competition and the optra and Octavia in Diesel fight.The New Elantra comes with a five-speed manual gearbox and also an automatic 4-speed.

Exteriors and Safety Features

The design of the new elantra seems like a decade in front of the previous generation elantra which is now selling in India. The Styling had been done well, but hyundai would have been appreciated if the style of the car would have been unique. Designs cues of the Civic and Corolla are clearly shown, the Corolla's tail lamps, and the "civicish" profile from the front and the same low-base profile stage from the side too is comparable with the Civic. But overall, the car looks good and its amazing, it looks more sportier than the Corolla and matches with the Civic. The New Elantra said by hyundai a class ahead in competition.
The car looks like a flowing sea from the side and has great presence in the road and will turn the heads for sure. The front portion has been made really agressively and is the main part of the styling where it has been the most appreciated. A little bit of handy chrome finish has been done grill and the headlight bezels are also in chrome. The headlights join with the sport look with the bold hood design that goes well with the front body and a 16" alloy wheels, to add that extra run. The look overall is more exciting, more generated and more appealing. We will definately love it, unless if people kills it by calling it a copycat!!

The dimensions of the car:-
Length 4505mm
Width 1775mm
Height 1490mm
Wheelbase 2650mm

The safety feature is the main part of which many people will be crazy about, the features are just amazing. To start with a cage that helps the passengers from all kinds of impacts from all directions, 6 airbags.. yep.. this itself starts the wow!! six airbags, placed 2 in the front with an Occupannt Classification System and 2 on the sides in the front and 2 long curtain aibags, that starts from the front to the back and get a firm grip on the road a 4-channel independent ABS along with EBD that will help while braking under sudden condititions. The brakes are a 4-wheel disc brakes and to top it all seat-belt pretensioners are also another crazy move.
Interiors and Comfort

If you're gonna compare with the interiors of the current and the later, its looks much larger and much more mature than its predecessor. They are said to be made in high quality materials and will be equipped very well. Heated seats are available, an in-built music player, and also metallic finish on the air con controls, the same old long rectangle air-vents and good-looking gauges with blue lights all over. The cabin looks huge, and also has good storage areas, like door pockects on all doors, and also an impressive boot, and ofcourse, arm-rests, we definately would'nt like it if not mentioned. People thinks it gives class!! and all the normal features like power windows, etc..
The Comfort level is really good, depending on the space and the seats were supposed to be really comfortable. It has the most interior volume as compared with its rivals. The seats of the driver can be adjusted to the drivers comfort according to the view of the road and the steering wheel is embeded with controls, this plays an important role nowadays. There is also a compartment between the driver and co-driver seat, a center 2 level storage and a comfortable armrest, open the armrest and see a whole new world of storage that helps to keep CD's or other things in it. The Elantra also feature a list of other features like rear window defroster, cabin air filter, tilt steering wheel, tinted glass, power windows with driver's auto-down, illuminated switches, dual vanity mirrors, two-speed variable intermittent windshield wiper with mist function and a little of others too..


Overall, the car has a good enigne with good power and good torque and also with a diesel option, the 2007 elantra is a great car in terms of safety feature's. People will be crazy to buy a car with these stuff and the car is big and looks good according to the competition, but the civic looks better than the elantra, but not too far away though.. great interiors and great comfort level too.. The 2007 Elantra is a pretty good car as long as performance and mileage does'nt screw up..

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