22 July 2007

Bajaj Pulsar 220cc Review

Clever, stylish, impressive and probably the most awaited bike for all those bike enthusiasts, the Bajaj Pulsar 220. The range of waiting started long back and had waited the people a long time, grabbing all those excitement and expectations and was launched one fine day, the day for the end of all those excitement, the day of judgment.

Power, Engine, Transmission and Mileage

The Pulsar is a 4-stroke SOHC, 220cc DTS FI that is Digital Twin Spark Fuel Injection, oh and of course its electric start, but no kick start. Weird ain't it, we asked the guy in charge "whats happens if it stops and the electric start ain't working?" the answer i got was "push" you're on your own!! mostly there wont be any problems like that. Coming back to the bike. The engine produces a mind-blowing 20bhp and the maximum torque of 1.95kgm at 6500Rpm. Its technically India's most advanced bike.

The transmission is a 6 speed - one down and rest up. This bike gets up to a top speed of about 130Kmph. This Pulsar can fly to 60kph in 4.4sec and keep on at 110kph in only 18.7sec. Oil cooler and Bajaj's exhausTEC advances in the 220cc. Its an animal i say!!

Styling and Features

Style is the word overall - The Bajaj 220cc is almost identical to the younger 200cc and the only major difference in looks is only the front faring that emerges out. I personally think that the Pulsar series has been aging really fast till now, and this model's might seem to go on and on, though the 200cc is more clean and shaped, these two words jump out of the 220cc because of the front fairing as it looks sticked with the help of fevicol. This is only from the side views, from the front its amazing though. If compared to the Karizma's styling, its far apart. Overall the looks are unbeliveable, impressive and amazing.

The P220 has a great list than the competition(Karizma). Starting off with split seats, currently India's only one with it, along with the P200. The mirrors can be folded for fun and the digital display which includes fuel availability, speedometer, and all those necessary stuff but tachometer and LED tail lamp to add that sharp styling and safety of course. The silencer adds the shining finish and some people finds it disturbing. Who looks at all these when having fun?? the huge front fairing is not for nothing, but gives those huge headlights a home to give all those bright light and is said to be the best lights on any Indian bike. LEDs are used for the instruments, and also offer a mini compartment that can be released with a cable in the side.

Performance, Handling and Mileage

The Pulsar sounds great right from turning the key till riding in 130Kmph. The P220 handling is said to be quite good and thinks that it fells a tad better handled than the Karizma. That smooth riding quality comes within the refined engine and the mileage that they claimed is 50 and the rest comes within you and upto you whether you want a decent mileage by following the rules or a life full of fun by ripping them off and breaking the rules of getting better mileage, and should expect about 35-40kmpl, and a tank of 15L. The one down and rest up gets confusing in the beginning, but will catch up later though. The bike is surely fun to drive and will give the value for the money that compared to the Karizma.


A total Fun Factor if you see, a great steal, great handling with a powerful engine and that awesome styling, and its Bajaj, who wouldn't want to buy one?? Two kinds of people buy this, people who have money and want some bike that will meet their factors, and the other who are soo crazy about it that they arrange the money and go for this beauty, if you cant reach it this high, the P200 is also a good buy.. go for one.

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sandhesh said...

Awesome bike.. i went in the second day and saw it [:)]

Flanker said...


its really a very exhaustive review of Pulsar 220. I do agree with you on most of the points except the body work by Bajaj. I do feel there is lot of scope for improvement on the Body finishing side. the Front faring looks to be made up of cheap plastic and the head light console looks cheap too. Please let know your views on the same.


LagGy ShagGy said...

please can u give ur personal review about p220 and p200

mark said...

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God Bless,

Anonymous said...

thodi si chutiyaa bike hai but better than Karizama for sure.

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