27 August 2007

2008 Ford Fiesta

One of the rising brand of Indian roads, Ford is likely to give the successful Fiesta a new look and some more better features. Ford is thinking seriously for India. The new Fiesta, new Endeavour, and also the car that has been eagerly waiting to have owners in India, the Ford Focus is also likely to enter the Indian market. The New look is for keeping the name and having the sales go and to make people a little more Fida.

The New Ford Fiesta Happenings

This new Ford Fiesta is currently being sold in Brazil and are having the chance to hit the Indian roads. This car is not beign changed like an 800 to Swift, but a Fiat Palio to the new Fiat Palio Stile. The car is now much more clean and looks smooth and a little more interior elements have been added just to keep up the Fida on the people.
Engine, Power And Transmission:-

The engine will be quite the same as the one which is going on, which will not be needing a change as its great. The engines are - 1.4L, 1.6L Petrols and 1.4 Diesel. All we need is a 1.6L Turbocharged petrol engine that will produce more power and Torque, which will be competitive power against the Verna, Aveo and SX4. There will be a change in the driving though, which will make it much stronger and much smoother.
The result of transmission is a normal 5-speed manual gearbox and automatic would be costlier and decreases FE, so lets keep it there itself.

Exteriors and Interiors:-

This is the part where the Fiesta is completely changed. The design and inspiration from the Focus and Fusion and a revised rear, a unique rear. This design is the new DNA design from Ford which they call "kinetic". The Merc and Bachan look is still on and the front is more sharper and better styled and cuts off the ugly huge gap between the hood and the grille, but this do remind me of the Ford Ikon somewhere, but doubtless is got better than the egg-shaped Verna.
The style is good, but could have been better when the Aveo and SX4 are on the market. But people who wants Performance, this is a great car.The interiors of the car is almost identical, just a bit of changes and improvement in quality and increase in comfort level.


A make over of the Fiesta and little bit of improvement will be done to keep up the number of Fiesta's on road. People who think Fiesta is getting old, will have another chance to look at it again. A nice move by Ford.

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