21 August 2007

Tata One Lakh Car

There was once a dream, a dream for the country's safety, economic growth and the indian people's needs, it was Ratan Tata who had thought for the people who couldnt afford big cars and has a family of 4 or 5. Ratan Tata is currently making a car at the cost of 1 Lakh, the most awaited car in the past 2 years and came the concept name of Tata's "One Lakh Car".
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Let us call the One Lakh Car as OLC as its shorter to name it. The car is simple and looks better than compared to the maruti 800. A low cost car which means a hatch 4 door with a boot, and low down manufacturing costs. The car has to be made for the Indian roads, so its gotta be cheap to run, low maintainance and spare cost and enough comfort for 5 or 4. This idea was bought up almost a decade ago, in an autoshow.

The car had been kept a secret for a long time and now some of the artist impressions has been leaked out. The car looks good and is like the Zen Estilo. The front is low and would increase the visibility along with a small hood and cute headlights, and a plastic covering right down the hood and included fog-lamps that might not be included as costs could rise up. But if taken from the sales in large nos, the labour charge if given low would be the same if the car sells up high. The fit and finish of the car will be done well and the rear lamps will be given a plastic touch. The main aim is not to spoil the car and not to make the car feel downmarket, but to sweep the car well, with no crap thrown in. The engine is supposed to be at the rear, so the bootspace will be minimal and a little bit of dissapointment to the car.

Tata is adding 2 engines to the car that is the petrol 660cc and the diesel 700cc. Buying products in bulk also supports the low cost. It is a 2 cylinder engine which is also low cost. The car is rather small and a small engine with 2 cylinder, and it will be definately giving good mileage, an average of 25Kmpl has been rumoured but might come up well on the release, and even more for the diesel, that means this car gives mileage more than the Bajaj Auto. If the car dosent go well it can be used as autos too!! dont worry just kidding.. If given good mileage, this car would be given a great response, its like near the Bajaj Pulsar 220cc.

Coming to the interiors, its not been shown, looking at the height, the headroom will be enough and the width of the car shows that 4 can accomodate easily, but the fifth one gotta squeez up. The interior features would be really basic, even a music system would be doubtful, although the necessary like speed, odo and fuel meters will be present.

The performance, lets keep this for the future, if we get it what will be there to write about if the car is released. But dont expect a Fiesta out of it.

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Sunil said...

However, It is said to be 4 to 5 seater.. whether it is confirmed or not.. Moreover, how many doors are associated with the car.. Is it 2 door car which means inconvenience in sitting or entering..

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