10 January 2008

Tata One Lakh Car - The Tata Nano Unveiled

The wait is over! People were dying of waiting and some of them even started using photoshop and made their own Tata One Lakh Car. The OLC must be the most hyped car, and Tata's promise is completed, and his dream came true. The One Lakh Car will be called the Tata Nano and not the "Jeh".. yech what a name for such a cute looking car.

The Nano is powered by a 624cc Fuel Injected Petrol engine that produces a 33bhp, and they would be expecting of about 20kmpl in the city conditions and can go higher once you hit the highways. The engine is placed at the rear making way for a small boot in the front. Along with the engine comes a 4-speed manual transmission, and as per Autocar, Tata is planning an automatic version too, but damn where's the Diesel?
The Nano is just brilliant in the form of exteriors. For a 1L car this design is simply irresistible. The car is quite wide and tall and even beats them with the Alto. A steep hood and designed bumpers with fog lamp areas, but God knows whether if it would be filled with lights. The headlamps is the key factor of the frontal looks and keeps the car look alive. The rear looks like a mini Indica with the same Indica tail-lamps so there isn't anything surprising, and again with the bumper designs. The overall look of the car lies in its shape, lamps and bumper. The Nano looks similar to the Toyota iQ Concept a little bit.

Tata always wins many people's heart by the space they provide, but disappoint them in the quality of the interiors and dashboard. Well for 1 Lakh this is enough but some changes like the gear and the pedals should have been better. The rest is ok, good space will be provided and can easily settle 4 big adults, and no more complaints.
One Lakh is a great price for a car like this, not only the middle class would be liking it but others too may like it. Great car by Tata!! Hats Off!! Hip Hip Hurray!!

More Pictures of the Tata Nano (Click to enlarge)

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