09 January 2008

Bajaj unveiled its car 'Lite'

A day before the Auto Expo, one of India's best bike manufacturer had unveiled its first concept car known as the Bajaj Lite. The car was to compete with the Tata's famous One Lakh Car and Bajaj said that their car wouldn't cost exactly 1 lakh, but its prices would be seriously competitive said the MD of Bajaj Auto Rajiv Bajaj.

Bajaj has done a great job making this car for the people who wants a car for that price, but if more and more people buy it, our Indian roads would be congested and pollution could be a serious problem, well that's science and disaster management, i don't want to get to that topic.
Overall the car is a cheeky cute looking bugger and definitely looks the cutest and the best in the 1-3 lakh category. Bajaj will be making this car with the help of Nissan and Renault, maybe that's why you can see some Renault features in this car, but not a sign of Nissan. Bajaj has 2 engines for this car, a Diesel and a Petrol. The car is said to give 35kmpl, it might go higher or lower. Lets see for further details

For a car of price 1.5L or below this one is will be a penny out of your pocket, include great Fuel Efficiency and it will be tough competition for TATA. Lets hope the OLC is a great car too.

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