02 September 2007

TVS Apache RTR 160

The TVS Apache RTR 160, a bike that gives tough competition. This Apache range is just starting to expand, when the started off with the Apache 150, they have went well and became the hit also and also topped as the bike of the year 2006, a title of honour. This bike has given serious fight against the Pulsar. And now Pulsar has changed its look, well so did the Apache with bigger engine and better styling.

Engine, Power and Features

The engine displacement has been increased from 150cc to 159.7, so rounded as 160cc, with some stoke configuration to love the revving. The new engine produces 15.2bhp at 8500Rpm and torque of 13.1 NM at 6000Rpm. However the term "RTR" stands for Racing Throttle Response. The bike has increased by two Kgs, but that's no problem compared to the P150, which is 6Kgs more. The Apache can be taken to a top speed of 115Kph, and reaches 60Kph in 4.8 seconds and 100 at 17.7 seconds.

The gearbox is the same as found in the 150Apache, no change, no problem, as the old one too was a gem as they gave effortless shifting. The clutch is also a well hand around. The Apache RTR160 got new features, which includes the latest technology, like the Digi Speedo.
New Features:

The Brake Pedals are made up of alloys. The new racing stickers from the head to the but looks really good on it, but i like it most with the yellow. New LED tail lamps. Jealous of the Pulsar, the Apache also got the LCD digi speedo and the X-tremes split grab tail. Some more modifications have been made in lights, handle bars and pedals. What you will find in console is a clock mysteriously, Fuel Gauge.. ooo.. thats new!!, tachometer and odometer. They have tried to maximize the styling without changing its real identity and made a new design for the side mirrors. How much ever you forget to get the bike to the workshop, the bikes cares for itself with the reminders that alert you..and oh ya.. forgot.. you gotta take it to the shop. Improvement in the riders position with clip on handlebars and low bike profile and has also improved braking. And the engine fairing also is another feature of sporting
Performance and Handling

The RTR160 is like an upgrade to the ride, the next level for accelerating. The bike just loves to be raced. The riding comfort too has increased with the well balanced clutch and soft gear shifts along with the Apache's Poly Shocks that takes up potholes well and enhance the sporty feel. The RTR160 is really comfortable to ride and its bleddy damn fast!! And braking is another feature where it should be appreciated, they have used a Rotor Petal Disc and promised a confirm stop, ya thats for sure.. confirmed stop!!

If you like the old one, this one will surely impress you. If you ask me to choose between the P150 and the Apache RTR160, I would definately say the Apache RTR160, but when it comes to P180 and P200, its a different story.

The Apache is definitely a great bike and the revving will surely entertain you. The Apache and the Pulsar is priced almost equally and this is a big choice, go with your heart, not the brain. A definite Rocker, cheers to Apache RTR160.

Comment of what you feel about the bike!!

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Ramanesh said...

Awesome bike!! pleasure to drive and the racing response is sporty

chenthil said...

mmm let me know better about them

akash said...

Apache rtr 160 is a sporty look bike. Can you please give me price of Apache rtr 160 and also the mileage.

Anonymous said...

tvs apache rtr is the great bike in its preformance
high performance bike
service is good

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