21 September 2007

2008 Chevrolet Aveo Hatch

Sporty, luxury, aggression and comfort that what the 2008 Chevrolet Aveo Hatch, or the 2008 Aveo UV-A as we say it. The Aveo you see above is said to be in one of GM's list on Indian roads. They want to make a car that will be needed by the people that will support all their needs. But when will it come to India? How will it look? I want more pictures of the car! Well, fine.. keep reading

The 2008 Chevrolet Aveo Happenings:

The new Aveo Hatch is currently being showcased in the Frankfurt Motor show which will be held from 13-23 September 2007. This car will be named the same as its sibling, the Aveo Notch, they ll be known as the Aveo notch and hatch. The 2 predecessors of the car was the one that had given some hope for GM in these segments to promote it with its cars. Now they wants to have a strong hand in the small car segment
Engine, Power and Transmission

GM has currently announced only 2 options and both are petrol - that is a 1.2L Petrol with overhead camshafts and produces power of 84 bhp. This engine has developed almost 8bhp greater than the current one and is plotted against the Swift, but what you really need to hear is the 1.4L Petrol engine that produces an amazing 98 bhp, that is better than the Aveo 1.4L by 4bhp.

These cars have promised to deliver good Fuel Economy even though they have become more powerful. The transmission will be the traditional 5-speed Manual, but the Automatic transmission is also available but in India for these segments, automatic would be a great, but the main question is "will the customers buy them?".
Exteriors and Safety

The Aveo hatch has been redesigned just like its elder one. But this time they have a more aggressive look rather than the handsome look. They wanted to add that "oof" in the cars design. The cars exteriors is striking and noticeable. The rear is the best part of the design with those huge round tail lamp clusters along the old one which is good thinking, and the spoilers add that extra sport feature. So now the rear end looks fresh and new. Everytime when GM showcases a car, they take it from the NFS garage, where you modify it and use it!!

Now we come to the front, the most unique part which you wont be able to see on any other hatch at this price, the clear stretched Aveo headlights, chrome plated fog lamps and the huge Chevrolet badge, this is the second giant badge we are seeing after the Magnum. After all those nice makeovers, here comes a question of "why the huge grille?". Maybe this might be the reason why it is unique.
Interiors and Comfort

This is the part where the new Aveo should be appreciated, even though it was borrowed from its sibling. The Aveo notch interiors are said to be upmarket and of high quality and it is! But this interior comes in coal colour. Nice amount of chrome has been used like the air con controls, the handlebar and the air con vents. Almost everything is the same in the Aveo notch except that the air con control region has been changed to a black and silver background.

The player matches the dashboard and audio controls are embedded in the steering wheel. And to add some more comfort, electrically adjustable side view mirrors are kept and power windows. A foot rest is kept near the clutch and the space is said to be good.
2008 Chevrolet Aveo hatch specifications

Length - 3.92
Width - 1.68
Height - 1.51
Wheelbase - 2.48
Boot volume - 220 – 980


Change is good, they have made the exteriors sportier, luxuriated the interior and increasing the comfort. It might give a nice fight to the Swift and the others, its longer than the other cars too. All we have to do is wait until the car comes to India. And we can expect a little later.

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