12 December 2007

2008 Hyundai Santa Fe

One segment that Hyundai had no success - the SUV segment, where they started with the Terracan and Tucson, where the Terracan ran out of business and Terracan is going to go out of business when one of Hyundai's popular cars in the US - Hyundai Santa Fe gets its doors unlocked soon, in the Delhi Auto Show and going to give the Honda CRV a serious competition.

Hyundai will be planning to have the largest car line up and refresh their showrooms with the latest available cars which will be meant for India. Lost in the Sands of time, the Koreans wanted to produce a car that would shake the automobile industry which will demand - quality, practicality, warranty, and all the words ending with "ty"(pronounced tea), similarly to the ty they made the Santa Fe which will be highlighting design, upmarket interiors and quality in raw materials as well as ride.

The design is totally unique. The Santa Fe will change the stats of the SUV segment and will definitely give the Honda and Ford a shake. A very cartoonish front like from the movie Cars, going along a really pushy side view with good lining and build quality. As for the rear a little bit of the Audi and the real armored SUV look except the lights that is. Put up everything on the notice board and "va la" a beauty, its a beautiful design with everything on it, just like your neighbourhood pizza hut.

The Santa Fe will be equipped with a 2.2L Diesel Engine that produce 148 bhp with torque of 335Nm and yes of course transmission, internationally manual and automatic available, and nationally don't know, chances of automatic are really low.

The Santa Fe is a 7 seater, an advantage over the CRV, and and fight for the Endeavour. The last row can be folded down for luggage. Hyundai guys are getting their heads onto the cars now. Really convenient stuff available, so far so good.

Interiors are also a good to see one, with not so fuzzy look, clean innova-ish look, not a copy but has that feel in it, wood, silver plastic and dark grey along with beige are used to spice up the business class seats, with ample legroom and third row with a decent boot. Extra space required? Break the seats and throw it to your neighbours house.. or you can fold it firmly to the floor, creating a very flat platform.

Have money to throw? Time to wait? CRV or endeavour in mind? then halt! The Hyundai Santa Fe looks like a champ on its way and will release in style. Definitely worth a wait for this baby. Well but if you want space and Endeavour in mind, go for that monster, go get em tiger, don't wait for the Santa Fe or CRV.

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