12 December 2007

Suzuki A Star Concept

Suzuki has released the images of the A-Star Concept, which is said to be replacing the Alto will be manufactured in India, and this time it has Indian hands on it. The A-star looks like a great concept which will be replacing the Alto. The A-Star concept will make its debut in the Delhi Auto Expo 2008 and will be planning to go further.

Now Delhi will be known for one of its first concept debuts that India has ever experienced. After being released over here, they will go worldwide showcasing the car in other auto shows. The is one of Suzuki's Global production models after the Swift, SX4, 2007 Vitara and the upcoming Splash.

The A-Star concept once started production will started will be priced at the 3Lakh range. Suzuki is planning to hold up it percentage in Indian market as well as in the rest of the world. This car will be having a new engine which is a 1.0L aluminium petrol engine which is said to decrease the emissions of carbon dioxide. A 5-speed manual will be provided which will ensure smooth and effortless shift.

The design is a fresh one, sporty and much much ahead of the current alto and gives a huge generation gap between these two. The A-star will be produced in India's Maruti Suzuki Plant and will not have that high numbers of bookings. The production is said to start in late 2008 and then will be launched.

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