13 December 2007

2009 Volkswagen Polo

The all new freshened up Polos images are out getting their eyes stuck on the new model built more bigger, better and with new engines, being one of the best VW cars, the Polo is said to be waiting on the list for us maybe late 2008 or early 2009, which will be fighting with the new Honda Jazz, Upcoming Fabia or even the Yaris.

The new Polo is an all new design on a developed current Polo platform which is much more funkier and much more sportier than the Polo being sold now in other countries. Classy looks with some brilliant character lines and the VW signs splitting the grille into 2 and the Tiguan taillamps.This one could be another stock car that you would like to pimp it in your next NFS edition and race the roads even though it is game. This new car designed with some Tiguan and Golf characters in mind is made for extreme legroom. The new Polo has a variety of engines available but sadly only one or two will be making it here. I expect either the 1.2L 3-cylinder engine producing 70bhp or the 1.4L 4-cylinder producing 85bhp, and maybe a diesel.

We dont have to expect this car untill 2009, so stay tuned for more Volkswagen news.


Anonymous said...

Wow what a change, when can we expect it in SA?

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