05 March 2008

2008 Geneva Auto Show: Tata Nano unveiled

There was the fast, there was the furious, there was the luxurious, and there was the Nano. Though there were many cars that was so much appealing to see, the Nano was a show stealer. The people's car as we used to call it was showcased at Geneva and Ratan Tata can now proudly say that "I own Tata motors". A moment of pride.

The Nano is powered by a 623cc engine that produces 33bhp feels funny now, because a few days back I've written about the Gallardo LP560-4 which produces like 560bhp which is like almost 17 times more powerful, but the best part is that the Nano is like 17x17 times more cheaper than the Gallardo in India. The Tata Nano is a rear-wheel drive and a 4-speed manual transmission. The interiors are basic and normal.

The Tata Nano will be first available for the Indian customers and with Fiat as its partner, they will be planning to globalize. They will be available in 2 models, the basic and the deluxe. The basic will cost the promised price of Rs 1 Lakh(2500USD) which will not include all the necessary facilities, but the Deluxe (Luxury) version will have all the necessities which will cost about Rs 1.25L (3100USD).

In India, airbag for a car for Rs 1L will be like "WOW!! Awesome" but for some countries airbag is like a life for them. Even though the car is small, the frontal and side crash test seemed to be good. The Nano is not meant for ripping out the roads, its usually meant for a normal transportation facility for the people.

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