06 March 2008

Suzuki Kizashi 3 to debut at New York Auto Show

Long back at the Frankfurt Motor Show, we saw the debut of the Suzuki Kizashi concept, the first of the Kizashi's, then at the Tokyo Motor Show, we saw the debut of the Kizashi's second concept. Now the Japanese company Suzuki is going to unveil its third version of the Kizashi line-up, the Suzuki Kizashi 3 at the upcoming New York Auto Show.

The Kizashi 3 is said to be the last of the Kizashi concepts and alongside the Kizashi concept 3 will be the Kizashi concept 2 and the Kizashi concept 1. The design of the Kizashi concepts were developed by Suzuki's Advanced Design Group. With these concepts we can see how Suzuki will revolutionize its product line-up.

The Kizashi 3 is said to be a new sports sedan with quality, gadgets,style and interiors like no other Suzuki in production. The Kizashi line-up's design can inspire the cars that Suzuki will make in future.

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