05 April 2008

2008 Lancer / Evo X Coming To India

Mitsubishi India is remaking its position in India with aggressive plans and aggressive cars that will increase their presence in India and to build the brand image and trust among the Japanese company along with the Indian partner - HM. Yes, HM-Mitsubishi is going to launch their much wanted Lancer Evo X/2008 Lancer and those wheels could be at our command in mid-2009. Lets see what the Evo/Lancer has!

Engine, Power & Transmission

Under the hood of the new Lancer, one would find a 4 cylinder 16V 2.0L MIVEC petrol engine that would produce a class leading 152bhp at 6000rpm and peak torque of 198Nm @ 4250rpm. An interesting fact is that the Lancer would be provided with a 2.0L Diesel engine (which was borrowed from the German Volkswagen) produces an impressive 140bhp, the fact gets boring when you get to know that you gotta pay more for what they give you.

The most interesting fact is that India will be getting the EVO X rally replica with a 2L engine that bursts a 295bhp that is more powerful than most cars available below the 3.0L range, well don't expect it around your normal budget, it costs almost double the price of the normal engined car, like after duties and all it would cost like 25Lakhs, but the engine your getting with it, i think for people who are desperately interested can get this car instead of a Camry, 3- series or even a C-Class, will that happen? are there people seriously ready for that? Lets wait and watch.

Exteriors, Styling & Safety

The exteriors of the new Lancer has changed seriously, this time its so damn appealing that even it makes a Corolla look like a mouse. The strong character lines, the striking headlights, sporty bumper and the shark nose settles shapes the front amazingly. Don't expect those alloys to get here along with those wide wheels, too much for us ain't it, but those wheels along with alloys can be given for the Rally replica. The strong sidewalls and the shape makes turns it into a Godzilla type racer.

Another striking feature is the rear! the all new tail lamps look as appealing as the ones at the front, its maintains the overall theme of the car, except the position is a bit disappointing, but don't expect the mixture of black and the body colour and the twin silencers or the spoilers. But do expect them in the 25Lakh version of the car. Coming to the Safety thingy.. its meant to be a Rally car!! so the car cage will be damn strong, and of course airbags at the front though the international one has airbags almost everywhere. So expect great safety facilities. Mitsubishi will not be quiet this time, they are seriously planning stuff!

Interiors & Comfort

The interiors are well laid out and much better than the Corolla, but it meets the Civic where interiors is major. The new Lancer's interiors are as impressive as the Civic. The new Lancer is also said to have generous leg, head and shoulder room, competitive but not best in class. The new lancer is very much away from the previous generation. The dashboard is well made and the aluminum finish gives it a more attractive look. The Mitsubishi steering wheel has embedded controls as well.

The new Lancer has many holes for comfort and convenience like glass holders and magazine holders for long trips and cup holes for busy office rushers. A small gear creates a sporty fell in the driver. The driver is reachable to everything around him. The overall interiors of the new Lancer is great and can cause a serious competition for the Civic.


The car is great, company is great, interiors are great, engines are great, safety is great, but service and dealers are not that great. The price should be adjusted to match the Civic. By the way, the new Lancer would cost around 10L-13L for the 2.0L normal versions and about 25L more or less for the Rally replica. Mitsubishi might sell the new Lancer along the present 2 generations. Lets hope all goes well for HM-Mitsubishi.

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Anonymous said...

The new lancer at the price of 10-13L, man.. this is great

Anonymous said...

I dont think people will buy it even though many qualities are available, the problem is service and stuff which Mitsubishi India is bad. Unless they set up more dealers and service centers around India they will loose. Otherwise they are sure winers.

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