07 April 2008

2009 Skoda Octavia/Laura

The reason behind the Skoda's success in India first was the Skoda Octavia, the Octavia was a car that was reliable and people loved to drive with enormous space. But thus, time passes by and the design got a little old, the Skoda's next generation which is known as the Laura to us is a bit too costly, and the Skoda Octavia will get the face lift as a result of refreshing the cars to meet today's demands.

If Skoda manages to keep the price that matches the Honda Civic, then its gonna do no big good, because the new Lancer, new Corolla along with the futuristic Civic is available for competition and they aren't going to let the Octavia sneak through. Expect no changes in the engine range, but do expect a change in exteriors and interiors. I managed to get some spy pictures. No its not a new superb, but a car based on the Superb's design.
But what i think is that the Octavia wont be getting the face lift, but the Skoda Laura. This is just a rumor that i found while surfing, but i strongly think this rumor is true. Is this the new Skoda Octavia or new Skoda Laura? If its the Octavia, 3 cheers, if its the Laura, you better turn around, cause this is not enough at that price. Lets wait for more details.

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Satish Kumar said...

The facelift is actually disappointing as the Laura's aggressiveness will be gone and a simple plain business freak would join the stable.

Anonymous said...

When is the laura face lift coming in 2009
I'm planning to buy the laura in march 09 should i wait for the facelift and when is it comin

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