08 April 2008

Volkswagen Jetta coming soon!!

The German Automaker Volkswagen is planning big and advancing for the Indian market. While the VW sister brand, Skoda is juicing up with the Fabia, VW has to earn some revenue as to show its potential. April 2008 will see the entrance of a brilliant car with brilliant engines that will pit against the Honda Civic, Toyota Corolla, Skoda Octavia and the upcoming Lancer.

The Volkswagen Jetta Happenings

The Volkswagen Jetta is actually the Volkswagen Golf, with a boot, and more quality interiors along with bigger engine. The Jetta is sold around in places like America and the middle east and is a very good car with high quality and safety standards. This car would be out from Skoda's Aurangabad facility as Skoda being its sister brand. The Jetta will be powered by the freshening Petrol and a Diesel that might help the Jetta in its sales.

Engine, Power and Transmission

The Germans will be offering two engines, that is the Petrol and the Diesel. The Diesel engine might be a 1.9TDI engine that produces 105hp or a 2.0TDI engine that produces a 140hp, we will have to wait and see which one makes it here. The Petrol variants will be powered by a 2.0L FSI engine producing a 150bhp.

The transmission will be a manual 5-speed and if the automatic comes, its a 6-speed automatic. Costlier the automatic might get, but more comfort it will give.
Exteriors and Safety

As said before, just like how Maruti-Suzuki converted their Swift to Dzire, the Jetta was made from a Golf. But unlike the Dzire, the Jetta is a car to look at. The front part of the car is the ultimate golf with minor adjustments. The mighty VW logo accompanied by the chrome lines and the aggressive golf headlights makes up the front look like a monster, a serious competitor. The rear accompanied by the luxurious Passat-like tail-lights, gives a feeling of the best of both worlds, classic.

Alloy wheels, side-view mirrors accommodated with indicators and the massive sporty bumpers, the shape, the size, everything is so perfect that when you see the Dzire, it looks like objects from a junk art competition.
The Volkswagen Jetta has been made by high strength steel. The cage is really powerful. 6 airbags are provided in the international market but only 2 or maybe even 1 might come in India. Independent suspension are given and seat belt pensioner's and tyre pressure monitoring system also is provided.

New generation Electronic Stability Program with Anti-Slip Regulation and Brake assist, as well as active head restraints. A DSG transmission, available dual-zone automatic climate control, and electro-mechanical steering are also new innovations.

Interiors and Comfort

The interiors of the Jetta is very spacious, however tall you are, the Jetta will find it big for you. The interiors are of truly business class travel, with a combination of black and beige. The rear legroom is also enormous. The seats are low and look comfortable. The cockpit is made for the driver, all the buttons are reachable and easy to know.

The dynamic safety chassis for the Jetta gives a successful synthesis of outstanding sportiness and convincing comfort qualities. The multi-link rear axle improve handling, safety and driving kindness.

Length 4550 mm
Width 1760 mm
Height 1460 mm

The Volkswagen Jetta is the longest, widest and one of the lowest (height) in the category.


The Jetta is an amazing car to look at, the brand is also reliable, interiors are spacious and have quality, the fit and finish of the car along with the plain design without that much character lines go well with the car. The Jetta will be launched in June or July 2008(this year!!). A Diesel will also be offered, that will be nice to hear for some of us. The Octavia is dying and the Jetta will gobble up its sales, IF priced properly, the expected price is 10-13L, which is quite reasonable.
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