08 April 2008

Tata New Safari Spy Picture

Rumors were spread that the spy shots of a new Tata car was taken which was heavily disguised, and the member of WCF (WorldCarFans) forum thought it was the next generation Safari. The Tata Safari had been given a new engine recently, and has some quality issues. Is this really a Tata Safari? lets check out some pictures from the concepts of the past from Tata.

The Tata Cliff-rider concept was released in the 76th Geneva auto show in 2006 march. The Tata car being tested is model based on the Tata Cliffrider concept. Check out these two pictures below, one of the Cliffrider and the other one of the spied Tata car. The Cliffrider was an MUV.

(Click pictures for larger view)
Identical features:
1. The bulging hood
2. The placement of the headlamps
3. The rear door seems large, but the front door seems identical.

Identical isn't it? So is Tata getting us a new vehicle other than the Safari? or is it that Tata is using this concept to go overseas to other countries and sell this model?

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