09 April 2008

Maruti-Suzuki Swift Dzire: Swimming with the Fishes

How many of you car enthusiasts would like to see the potential of your next car? That too from a freaking demo car! The newly launched Suzuki Swift Dzire was found to be swimming with the fishes, and before that the car was been driven and was put some walking pedestrians in danger.

April 8, at Mangalore, 3 people came along for a test drive, the 4th person might be the maruti official. The Mandovi showroom gave the car and the driver had driven the car and crashed on to a stone, causing the driver to loose control over the car and sploosh!! in the water.

The 4 people were safe, but not completely, they were taken to the nearby hospital and injuries were said to be not that serious. But what happens to the driver? He might get his license banned! The car was in terrible shape and i don't think they will get a replacement for the car any soon. Looking at the car you can say it crashed somewhere on the right because the wheel itself is missing.
One question is that how the dealer let the driver drive the car so fast? And the condition of the car is really bad!! Is this because of the Safety feature?? or what is it? Any points?
Pics from: http://www.daijiworld.com

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Shantanu Kumar said...

Ha ha ha ha ha...........

I was planning to buy DZire, but decided to go back to Foed Fiesta after seeing the car in metal.

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