10 April 2008

Cars/SUVs in India - 2008

The automotive industry is going to sizzle up with some of the latest cars that are going to cause trouble for the existing cars/SUV's. A lot of cars are available for launch, which includes Fiat, VW, Maruti-Suzuki, Hyundai, Tata & Toyota. Lets see some cars that will enter India in 2008.

Maruti-Suzuki Splash

Expected Launch: July 2008

There were many cars that didn't get that much exposure because of the other highly successful cars around, one of them was the Suzuki Splash, which i believe would be a serious player once entered into the market. The Splash will be placed a step below the Swift. I think it will clash with the Hyundai's i10....click here to continue....

Maruti-Suzuki A Star Concept

Expected Launch: October 2008

Suzuki has released the images of the A-Star Concept, which is said to be replacing the Alto will be manufactured in India, and this time it has Indian hands on it. The A-star looks like a great concept which will be replacing the Alto. The A-Star concept will make it to India by October 2008....click here to continue....

Fiat Linea

Expected Launch:July 2008

Fiat had been in the market for a long time now from the old padmini till the Fiat Palio Stile, and its not possible for them to stay long with the stile and now big plans for India are made for Fiat-India, under the salesmanship of Tata, Fiat is going to launch the Fiat Grande Punto and the bigger Punto, the Fiat Linea by June 2008, hoping that the Linea would make Fiat rise up the volumes, lets Check out what the Fiat Linea is really like
....click here to continue....

Fiat Grande Punto

Expected Launch: June 2008

Fiats and Tata's first car that will be launched in India all-new other than the Palio Stile (which was actually a face lift). The brand saver for Fiat, this was the car that helped fiat from going to the footpath, then the bravo, then the Linea and they have inspired Fiat to go on and will surely continue with better models. Fiat Grande Punto, stylish, compact, smooth, curvy and sporty, means designed by Giorgetto Giugiaro of Italdesign. The car will be competing against the master seller Swift, extra Getz and GM's boy, the Aveo UVA....click here to continue....

Tata New Indica

Expected Launch: August 2008

The 2008 Auto Expo is ruled by TATA with the Tata Nano, the new macho Sumo, Indigo CS and the new Indica, they all were put up and the crowd at the Tata stalls was great. Tata's greatest seller is given yet another makeover and this time its not just the headlights. There is more to it....click here to continue....

Tata One Lakh Car

Expected Launch: October 2008

The wait is over! People were dying of waiting and some of them even started using photoshop and made their own Tata One Lakh Car. The OLC must be the most hyped car, and Tata's promise is completed, and his dream came true. The One Lakh Car will be called the Tata Nano and not the "Jeh".. yech what a name for such a cute looking car....click here to continue....

Volkswagen Jetta

Expected Launch: 2008 End (or) Early 2009

The German Automaker Volkswagen is planning big and advancing for the Indian market. While the VW sister brand, Skoda is juicing up with the Fabia, VW has to earn some revenue as to show its potential. April 2008 will see the entrance of a brilliant car with brilliant engines that will pit against the Honda Civic, Toyota Corolla, Skoda Octavia and the upcoming Lancer....click here to continue....

Hyundai i20

Expected Launch: November 2008

Hyundai Motor India Limited, the second largest car manufacturer in India has seen the potential for its upcoming cars in India by the success of its i10. HMIL is planning on launching the Hyundai i20 in India around October or November. Launching it at the festive season, just like they did on the Hyundai i10....click here to continue....

Mitsubishi Outlander

Expected Launch: October/November 2008

Mitsubishi Motors India had recently launched its SUV Outlander in India at the Auto Expo. The Outlander's release had been reaching our ears or at least our eyes for the past 2-3 years. So, now its finally here and Mitsubishi India had confirmed that the Outlander will officially go on for sale by June of this year. The car is related to the Peugeot 4007 and the Citroen C-Crossover in some way....click here to continue....

Hyundai Santa Fe

Expected Launch: 2008 End (or) Early 2009

One segment that Hyundai had no success - the SUV segment, where they started with the Terracan and Tucson, where the Terracan ran out of business and Terracan is going to go out of business when one of Hyundai's popular cars in the US - Hyundai Santa Fe gets its doors unlocked soon, in the Delhi Auto Show and going to give the Honda CRV a serious competition....click here to continue....

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