16 January 2008

Mitsubishi Outlander - Coming Soon!!

Mitsubishi Motors India had recently launched its SUV Outlander in India at the Auto Expo. The Outlander's release had been reaching our ears or at least our eyes for the past 2-3 years. So, now its finally here and Mitsubishi India had confirmed that the Outlander will officially go on for sale by June of this year. The car is related to the Peugeot 4007 and the Citroen C-Crossover in some way.

The Outlander is a very good looking and capable SUV that will compete against the CRV, the upcoming Santa Fe and the Chevrolet Captiva. The Outlander would be equipped with a 16V 2.4L DOHC MIVEC petrol engine that would produce 167bhp @ 6000 RPM which might sound to be the most powerful SUV in the category. There is a chance of the Diesel coming to India, but might take time. The Outlander comes with a paddle shift 6-speed automatic transmission, and also would come with a manual.

The Outlander shown at the auto expo looked great in silver. This car is mainly concentrated in heavy curves and lines that adds an aggressive character type. The front shape looks similar to Hyundai's Santa Fe. It has a real SUV look in it and uses a lot of chrome in the grille and handlebar. The rear is really unique as it might be the first car in India with a tail light other than red, if i am right. It has LED tail lights. The look is seriously modern and a monster, like a modern monster.

The inside of the Outlander is too damn impressing. It has all the stuff required. Buttons on the steering wheel, an all-black with some silver dashboard looked very luxurious along those seats even though it wasn't in beige. The seats looked comfortable with armrests and a lot of tubby holes were also found for storage. The problem is that i not sure whether its a 5 or 7 seater, as some say its a 5 seater, but i have seen in some models that there is an extra 3rd row. Hope Mitsubishi puts it as the competitors have it.

The Mitsubishi Outlander is definitely a worthy SUV to its competitors, but when it comes to service and all those it falls back. The Outlander will be released at the end of September or October.

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