15 January 2008

370 BMW cars damaged in New Jersey

It was a nightmare for BMW when 370 of its cars had been damaged when a carrier ship tipped at the port of New Jersey on Friday. It would have been a serious loss for BMW at that time. This incident would affect the waiting customers and dealers at New Jersey as well as other cities where it had to be taken.

The 370 cars included the 1 series, the 3-series as well as the new M3 models. According to Autoblog 70 of the damaged cars are of total loss and had to be crushed, as it had no value now. As these cars had a complete damage to the engine and the structure of the car. The rest of the 300 cars were taken to the service stations to get it fixed. This will in turn cause delays in the service of the existing BMW cars.

If you look like at this way the loss will be:

Average cost of 3 models in India (1 & 3 series + M3) = 50 Lakhs
No of cars completely damaged = 70

70 x 5000000 = Rs 350000000
Loss = Rs 350000000

If that money is like a piece of paper for them, then its ok. If its a cause of keeping their hands on their head then its a serious problem. 370 is not a small number.

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Anonymous said...

I am sure you are aware they do have insurance, so it not going to dent them a bit.

The cars are cheaper in the states btw.

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