15 January 2008

Bajaj Discover 150 at the Auto Expo

Bajaj is taking no chances of loosing its position in the market. The Bajaj Discover got an upgrade in looks as well as the engine, which will be the same as the Pulsar 150cc engine. The new Discover will exist along the Pulsar 150cc, just like what HH did by putting the CBZ and the HUNK in the same category.

The Discover gets the P150's engine which will produce 14.1 PS @ 8500 RPM and torque of 12.3Nm @ 6500 RPM. Unlike the Discover 135, the engine and wheels are not painted black, but in silver. The black can be used later, as an excuse of an upgrade, or use it as a sports version of the Discover 150.

The Discover gets an all new style. A new aggressive healight with the indicators in an unusual place just blow the corners of the headlight. The side gets a stylish black plastic which goes well with the theme of the bike. At the rear LED lights are used and gets a sporty mudguard, propably an inspiration of the HH Hunk. The aim was to build a bike which people required a less sporty and agressive look, but a modern look. But the Pulsar is for bikers who require the sportiness and style to show off. The Discover 150 proved to be a very good looking bike.

The Discover 150 gets many features compared to the 135cc. Its got a digital speedometer, which is getting quite common these days and self start and a handlebar which many wont like. They have used the lights at the rear like the ones on the XCD 125 and the indicators like the ones in the TVS Flame . Thats it for now.. lets wait for more details, till then Subscribe for Autocrust Email.

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Sanjeeva Reddy's WORLD said...

the frount dome needs some more changes to give it a stylish look

Anonymous said...

i think its an another masala bike,
somthing from this n some thing from that like indecators from TVS flam ,mudguard from Hunk,tail light from exd,engine n silencer from pulser etc. so we dont get any thing new.

aniruddh said...

i thik this another masala bike,
something from this n something from that like indecators from TVS flam, mudguard frm Hunk, tail light from Xcd, engine n silencer from pulser etc. so we dont get anything new.

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