13 January 2008

Suzuki Splash Ready For India

There were many cars that didn't get that much exposure because of the other highly successful cars around, one of them was the Suzuki Splash, which i believe would be a serious player once entered into the market. The Splash will be placed a step below the Swift. I think it will clash with the Hyundai's i10.

The Splash will be placed above the WagonR or will directly replace the WagonR. There is a similar car to this called the Opel Agila, its not a copy or something. They have jointly made this car or something like that. The i10 is selling well, if the Splash enters the market, there will be direct competition with the i10. There will be a choice of 3 engines, which is 2 petrol engines and a diesel engine. A 1.2L petrol producing 86bhp and a 1.3L Diesel engines producing 75bhp.
At first sight, the Splash has a chunky looking image and has a great body design even though it is very tall. The top curves down giving it a low-profile sporty look. The rear design is totally unique, the back window bends inside and then bends out after the window area and big bumpers with bold lines and sporty wheel arches. The look overall is better than the i10, because this car is well designed.

The interiors are really good, well organised. A lot of storage areas are available. There is a resembelance of the SX4 in the interiors department. The gearbox is attached to the center console, for a sporty shift feel, just like the one in the i10. The car is said to be spacious. All the stuff which is supposed to be in one big steering width size instrument cluster is available in one small cluster.
The Splash will not take away all the people in the hatch segment, but will definitely push the people going for a WagonR or Zen, so expect the price to be around 3.5L - 4.5L.

The Dimensions of the car are:
Length: 3715mm
Width: 1680mm
Height: 1590mm
Wheelbase: 2360mm

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