20 January 2008

Fiat is BACK!!

Fiat was lying in the bed with oxygen masks.. and the Palio with its last hope. They have had enough of it. This time they will fight like a monster with its internationally successfully brands along with its new red logo which looks good compared to the older one. Welcome back!!

They have planned 4 new cars for 2008 as well as a new engine for the existing Palio Stile, the 4 cars will be the much waited Grande Punto, the classy Linea, the cute 500 also called the Cinquecento and Fiat's (according to me) best looking car, the Bravo.

Fiat Cinquecento 500

Just look at the car and you will fall in love with the design, well not all but the ones who like conceptual design. This so called "city car" was designed by the famous Giorgetto Giugiaro from Italy and damn its damn small. The 500 will be equipped with a 1.3L Multijet Diesel engine, yep a Swift engine.. Just buy this baby and you'll be the next Mr.Bean who loves his mini as much as his teddy.

So, lets take it this way - It will be like a Swift which is smaller with better interiors and comfort. The ride and handling would be much better than the Swift becaz its much smaller in size. Priced around 10L, the 500 wont be a love for the pocket.

Fiat Grande Punto

This was what people had been waiting for like 2-3 years from now when it was released in Europe and became the best seller. Though the design is 2 years old, its still cracking and has what it takes to be a best seller in India too. The Punto would be equipped with a 1.3L Diesel engine, again the Swift's engine, which belongs to Fiat. The other engine would be the 1.4L petrol engine producing 84bhp.

The Grande Punto will be the serious competitor to the Swift, and in terms of service, Fiat and Tata is working on better service and in terms of price, Fiat had told that they would aggressive price the Punto against the competitors. The Punto is bigger than the Swift from the inside as well as outside. Price between 4.5-6L and will be launched somewhere in the middle of the year.
Fiat Linea

One of the fastest moving segment is the segment where the Aveo, Fiesta, Verna, City and the SX4 lies, Fiat too will enter this segment with its Linea somewhere at the end of the year. The Linea is another sweat for the other manufacturers of the segment, as its damn long and damn spacious inside and has many features in it that other cars in the segment will not have. The Linea would be equipped with a petrol and a diesel too.

The Linea is a definite do well car, and at the right price too, so you can wait for this car if you can.. its worth it. NDTV has driven the car too and has positive reports and interiors are great. Looks like a segment ahead.

Fiat Bravo

Fiat bought this car for a show off, as to show its potential in the growing Indian automotive market. This car is designed by Fiat's style center and is one of the best looking hatches i have ever seen. The car will be imported as a CBU, so after all those duty and taxes its price went as high as 20L which is definitely a scare for a hatch.

So, I wouldn't recommend that car in any situation, well no one will.. Unless your Ambani's relative or some other rich chaps son or someone. I so want this car..


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