01 February 2008

Tata Sumo Grande Preview

The Sumo Grande... People think it ain't true, is it a TATA? thats the question i heard from many people, according to them and me Tata is focusing on looks also nowadays. The Sumo Grande was showcased in the Auto show and hopes that the new Sumo will increase their sales.

The new Sumo Grande will get an engine which is familiar in the Indian roads. It will be equipped with a 2.2L DICOR engine which was introduced in the Safari range recently and this engine is said to produce a 120bhp with a max torque of 250NM.
The Tata Sumo Grande will be equipped with a 5-speed manual transmission and at a price that it will be launched a manual is the only possibility. The Sumo also has a turning radius or 5.25m

The Tata Sumo Grande shares the looks of the macho Tata Xenon, so the Sumo gets the same macho frontal look. There is a bit of the SUV look in the front but as it goes back it shows what it is, an MUV or as its called "a Family car". The Sumo was designed to satisfy customer needs like in departments of performance, Fuel Efficiency, looks, stability, etc..

The Sumo is bigger than before and taller than before. The rear was made clean and an area plated with chrome and clear tail lamps, a rear wiper is also available.When you get a side view of the car it shows that it is one of Tata's best looking cars till now.
The Sumo will have Power windows, steering, height adjustable drivers seat and has the best 3rd row in a car. The Sumo is defined to space in the interiors and also has armrest in the second row along with driver and co driver hand rest. The Sumo gets a new steering wheel with beige interiors. Roof integrated rear AC is also available. The 3rd row, this time faces the road and not sideways. A car that looks like an SUV and the amazing looks outside should have a great dashboard to match it, but the Sumo's dash disappoints.

This car will be launched anytime this month which will be priced at 6.6 - 7.49L(ex-showroom Delhi) and at that price the exteriors are worth it and if you dont care about the dashboard..go for it.
Here is the video of the Tata Sumo Grande

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fender flare rocker said...

Love the pastel paints on these Tatas. A paint job as nice and as glossy as this, should be well preserved. Put a flare on your auto to avoid mud, dirt, and sand from clinging on the side

Dureha said...

Own the car for about four months. have done a number of long drives including in the hills. This one is absolutely fabulous. Looks are great performance even better. Finally I am getting used to the Dash and thr door locks, I only wish the third seat was a split. Would have increased the value proposition.

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