05 February 2008

2010 Ford Fiesta / Verve

Ford has unveiled a new concept car at the Detroit Auto Show called the Verve concept. The Verve sedan is the sedan of the hatchback version of the Verve which will be the new Fiesta hatch which was earlier showcased. The looks are similar to the Mondeo, which makes it easier for people to choose this car who cant afford the Mondeo.

You'll be guessing why am i writing about this car.. i am because, this verve sedan could well be our next Ford Fiesta.. yes the next Fiesta sedan in our country. Exciting isn't it? There aren't any official news of this but we can certainly assume it. The Fiesta in India is a popular car and is known for its performance, but it will die after a few years as the SX4 is eating up its sales and so can the Jetta & Linea eat up once entered in India. So, to keep up the sales they need a new design, great interiors and all those stuff.. not anyday close but in 2 years, like 2010.
The Verve sedan is a beautifully designed concept, similar to the Mondeo but smaller and with different design cues. The front seems extremely handsome and sporty with those swiped away headlights and bold hood character lines. But likely the rear is a complete Mondeo and the sides are a bless to see. A sleek look, which looks better than the Civic. Though it is a concept, the production model is said to be almost the same as this one.

The interiors are modern and innovative and is still in the concept stage, though the layout and all will be the same but the colour and the seats will be made in different colours and materials. All i can say is that this is the new Fiesta sedan.

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