14 April 2008

2010 Fiat Uno & Fiat CX-Over

Fiat Motors are planning on a low-cost car that is said to be launched in emerging market of India, South America, China, etc. The new small car is said to be called the Legendary Fiat Uno. Along with the Fiat Uno, will be seen the entry of the C X-Over, which will pit against the CRV, Captiva and the rest.

The B-Compact (or) Fiat Uno

The B-Compact is placed between the Grande Punto and the Fiat Panda, which means that the Palio lies in between. The Uno might replace the palio, or might be in a complete different section. Fiat is known for its peformanced compact cars, and this time they are improving style, quality as well as Fuel Efficiency. There were a few renderings which i thought would be the Uno but it aint official, so i thought not to confuse ourselves.. Most probably the Italians might design it, so expect style!

The B-Compact is a mixture of practical, ValueForMoney and low running cost. The production of the Fiat Uno will begin during the year 2009, but i expect the car to be launched in India by early 2010, as Fiat is not that punctual in bringing cars here. Though the price and the specs is official yet, but i strongly suggest it lies in the category of 3L to 4.5L, and don't expect it cheaper than that. More information will come when launched officially.

CX-Over, The Fiat SUV
The CX-Over, is another vehicle that acts like an SUV and practical like an MPV, that costs around 30,500USD to 42000USD, which is around 13L-17L in Indian rupees, which means when it reaches India, it will cost around 15L-20L, which is not bad actually, if Fiat brings the car here, it will be great, that is if they bring the right engines and give the right price.

The length of the vehicle is said to be around 4.5m, which lies exactly in the CRV range, and low on consumption. Fiat will also offer a 2WD and as well as the 4WD version. Though there are no possible news of the car getting into India, but we hope Fiat to bring it. But might get late, the production starts in the new decade 2010.

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