29 April 2008

Honda's New Brand - Li Nian

Honda is making another brand under them called the Li Nian. The Li Nian brand will be for and by China. Honda is going along the footsteps of Toyota, which has done the same thing with the Scion in the US and some countries.Honda is doing this with the joint venture with Guangzhou Honda Automobile in China.But the fact that Japan, the main house of Honda, Li Nian will only be sold in China.

I dont think Honda will go outside China with that kind of name for a Brand. Though it sounds good, its totally Chinese. But in places like India,Brazil and Malaysia, this brand can be a success provided, the "by Honda" sign is available.The new brand has already showcased an unnamed concept at the Beijing Motor Show. The Acura and Honda has got great name and image, also giving high quality, performanced cars. But the Li Nian will provide budget cars, which might not have many qualities what the Honda and Acura provides.

Li Nian will provide stylish, affordable vehicles at the start of the new decade. The Li Nian brand is based on the wills of the Chinese venture, Guangzhou Honda. The new concept is a hatch based on the Fit platform and will be powered by a 1.8L Fuel efficient engine, and that too at an affordable price.

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