30 April 2008

Maruti-Suzuki A Star Production Pictures

Presenting the first spy pictures of the production ready A Star car.. er.. on the net. All this thanks to OD Magazine. The A star came as a concept in the Delhi Auto Expo, which was the first concept released in India, probably because many people were involved in making and designing the car and the best part is this will be made in India.

The A Star will begin selling from the month of October and testings are on. The car will be made in MSIL's Manesar plant. The A-star, might be probably the most kiddish names a car can get. Being one of Suzuki's World car projects, the car sales starts in India, which is probably because there were many Indian engineers involved. The A-star will be produced in India and will be mass exported to other countries.
The aggressive concept that you saw in the Delhi Auto Show 2008.. is gone, because that concept was turned into this.. It is like a mini Yaris with a big baby eyed front. There are some resemblance of the Swift, probably because it was made from the upgraded swift platform. It maybe called as the Swift's younger brother, or is it a sister? However, the design is.. what do you call it? Cute! Being a budget car, the style and design is impressive.

The A Star will be equipped with the latest generation engine which is a 1.0L all aluminium, 3-cylinder engine, which is again made in India. A Diesel engine will be provided later, which will be developed smaller than what the Swift has. Again being a small car, the car's interiors are designed in silver and black and not the flashy lights and bulbs we saw in the concept. The A-star gets the Swift steering wheel, as well as an integrated stereo.
So finally, the A-Star looks promising and has the ability to beat the competition. The car will be launched in October 200. Till then lets wait for more news and pictures.

Note: The pictures that you see here are not mine, OD magazine has taken it and all credit goes to them.. 3 cheers for them..

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