17 May 2008

Chennai To Get Parking Meters Soon!

Chennai is finally going to get parking meters to regulate street parking. A pilot scheme has been proposed on a 1km stretch in Pondy Bazaar. The meters will be placed every 100 meters along parking lots. This system is very successful and is still running in one of Bangalore famous and most visited road - Brigade Road.

People who park their cars in these parking areas have to pay the rent for parking your car by inserting coins to the machine, taking the slip and placing it in your car's front window. The charge is probably Rs 5 for 30 minutes. If the owner rents the parking for 30 minutes, the owner can extend their time within the first 30 minutes, if not the officer in charge will tow away your car.

This Idea was an inspiration of the Brigade road, where parking is used for necessary people and might limit the time they stay there. Plus income is given to the government and the income can use this to improve the roads around the parking area.

Tenders have been called for supplying parking meters, each of which is expected to cost about Rs 40,000. The meters will usually be a blue and black machine, almost 6 feet tall and will be mounted on the pavement. These meters will be in use soon.


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