16 May 2008

Ferrari California To Be Unveiled In The Paris Auto Show

Just when people were ready to wait for the Paris Auto Show 2008 for the release, the Italian sports car maker Ferrari had released the press photo of the rumored "baby Ferrari" or "Ferrari California" before the official release. As you can see, the Ferrari California is mechanically related to the Maserati GranTurismo and the Alfa Romeo 8C, well the reason is that Ferrari, Maserati & Alfa Romeo are the sister brands of Fiat.

The California looks every bit a Ferrari, and that what i like about that Ferrari design, when you see a Ferrari, you can tell its a Ferrari, because Ferrari has a uniform design theme to all its cars. However, coming to the engine, the California will be hosted with a 4.3L V8 engine with direct injection produces jaw breaking 454bhp @ 7500rpm. The gearbox will be the new 7-speed, dual clutch transmission.
Ferrari claims that it travels from 0-100kph in less than 4 seconds! isn't that like.. wow!! The design just made me open up my mouth, and its a convertible only. Both chassis and bodywork are aluminium. The comfort is enhanced by a new multi-link rear suspension system. The brakes are the famous Brembo brakes, that features carbon-ceramic material disks.

The car will be unveiled officially in the Paris Auto Show and for further details and pictures, we will have to wait till then. Till then take a look at Ferrari California's website, though not completely completed.

Website: http://www.ferraricalifornia.com/


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