03 May 2008

5 Ducati Bikes In India By May 7

Expect.. the superbike segment in India to boom!! starting next week when the Italy based superbike maker Ducati enters the Indian market by May 7, when Ducati's Global Chief Executive, Gabriel Deltorchio will arrive to officially launch the 5 bikes in Delhi.

From the land of the Ferrari's, the Lamborghini's, and several world renowed manufacturers from Italy is known for its quality, design and performance, in which one of them is Ducati. The Ducati bikes will be imported as completely built units, with a 60% import duty which will make the bikes cost more than 10 Lakhs, which is a huge sum of money.

Ducati has a 50:50 joint venture with Kinetic Motors to manufacture auto components. Kawasaki sells their bikes through Bajaj while Yamaha sells from their own source, and so will Honda. But Ducati will need a hand in selling their bikes, and the main partner might be TVS Motors.

Though the sales chart figures might not be that high, it is important for Ducati to enter because many manufacturers are planning to launch their superbikes in India which includes Suzuki's Hayabusa, Honda CBR1000 RR and Yamaha R1. These manufacturers are expecting a growth in this segment in India, and if this happens we will be seeing these bikes like we see a Merc or a BMW.

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