06 May 2008

Maruti Suzuki Swift Dzire vs Mahindra Renault Logan

Comparison, comparison, comparison.. no one gets tired of this word, when mobiles, cars and bikes are available at their budget and would like to own the best by referring to the word comparison. So as you can see, the comparison is between the Logan Diesel and the Swift Diesel. The Indigo, another competitor could be here, but many would like to go with these two cars which was recently launched in India.

First of all, let me tell you that the comparison is not based on the performance and styling. It will be based on the positives of point scored according to Engine, power, transmission, exterior design, safety, dimensions, interiors & comfort, performance & handling and finally Value For Money.

Engine, Power & Transmission

Maruti Suzuki Swift Dzire - 4.5/5

The Swift Dzire, recently launched was/is equipped with a 1.3L Multijet Diesel 1248cc engine (which is also found in the Swift hatchback) that produces 76bhp with 190Nm of torque, giving the feel of sporty gear shifting, including turbocharger and inter-cooler for more power.

The DOHC ensures great fuel efficiency without meddling with performance. The Multijet engine technology reduces the noise levels and vibrations ensuring smooth drive. The gear box includes a 5-speed manual transmission.

Mahindra Renault Logan - 4/5

The Mahindra Renault Logan which had recently completed its first anniversary in India is equipped with a 4-cylinder 1461cc 1.5 Dci Common Rail Diesel engine with 8 Valves that produces 65bhp at 4000rpm and produces 160Nm of torque at 2000rpm.

The Renault's technology also includes the reducing sound level, though it makes some noise, but not that much to think about. The Renault Logan's transmission also includes a 5-speed manual.

Exteriors and Safety

Maruti Suzuki Swift Dzire - 4/5

The Swift Dzire had kept the cheeky, sporty Suzuki Swifts front. Whats new in front is the cleanly made chrome grille that adds extra effect to the front. Completely turn to rear of the car and you would find a Nissan teana like appearance, with a heavy line of Chrome that make you think it is a Teana. When the rear and front is great, the sides have small disappointment as the design was going great till the proportions of the sides of the Dzire were a little cranky.

But when you see the car in reality, the car isn't that bad, seriously. Coming to the Safety part, Maruti has understood the need of airbags for their customers, so they have added Dual front airbags as well as collapsible steering wheel and seat belt pretensioners. For better time on road, ABS with EBD is also equipped, and to let the person behind you know that you are about to brake, there is a high mounted brake lights.

Mahindra Renault Logan - 3.5/5

The Renault is an odd looking sedan which is quite attractive when seen on road. With the boxy appearance, some good alloys would do the trick. But i feel Renault should have made the car look better with more character lines and curves, but hey.. look at the price! For that price, its much more attractive that the Indigo and the Ikon and comparable to Dzire.

The renault logan was built on Safety with only an airbag for the driver, but so what? its got an impressive 3 star rating in the Euro NCAP test, which is Europe's safety ratings. The Dashboard of the car was made to resist injuries and strains on the passenger. But Sadly there is no ABS.

Interiors and Comfort

Maruti Suzuki Swift Dzire - 4/5

The interiors are almost the same as the one you find in a Swift. But includes features like an integrated stereo system with nice speakers included. Borrowed from the SX4 is the steering included controls that is found first in its class. Another first in class feature is the Automatic Climate Control which maintains the temperature in the cabin. For better drivability, the Dzire comes with Adjustable Steering wheel. The Dashboard comes in charcoal black where the seats are found in beige. The Dzire also gets an armrest for the rear passengers.

Suzuki has done some adjustments for comfort, but the rear legroom which has seriously drowned some potential buyers. They provided power windows for all. For better driving experience they have put up height adjustable drivers seat and tilt adjustable steering column. The best part is you can find better quality than that of the Logan.

Mahindra Renault Logan - 4.5/5

The Renault Logan slams, demolishes, crashes the Swift Dzire in terms of interiors & comfort. The Logan interiors completely comes in beige. The dashboard is a nice to see, clean one with circular air-vents surrounded with silver. A big glove box and a small but handy storage area above it. The center console equips the music system, and other controls that is neatly surrounded with silver. The steering wheel is concept-like and is a very neat one. The tacho and speedo meter is a no pain in the eye to look at and is separated with a digital display.

Here you see what the boxy appearance gives you. A little problem outside, gives a massive change inside, because the Logan was also designed for space. The Logan provides ample space in terms of leg, head and shoulder room, also provided with lumbar support. With all this, the Logan also provides a generous 510 litre boot space.


Maruti Suzuki Swift Dzire - 4/5

Overall Length (mm)- 4160
Overall Width (mm) - 1690
Overall Height (mm)- 1530
Wheel Base (mm)- 2390

Mahindra Renault Logan - 4.5/5

Overall Length (mm)- 4250
Overall Width (mm) - 1740
Overall Height (mm)- 1525
Wheel Base (mm) - 2630

Performance and Handling

Maruti Suzuki Swift Dzire - 4/5

The Dzire is definitely quicker than the Logan and the braking is very active. The ABS does well on the Dzire. The Dzire's rear raised and front lowered, affects the ride as the rear seems to be too light and feels a bit shaky, but what might impress you is the highly active and responsive steering wheel, though the ride is a bit of a disappointment.

The Dzire does not manage the bumps and potholes well, maybe because of the new rear boot. The Dzire handles and goes well within city limits, but the car don't do that well in very high speeds, feels a bit shaky, that maybe probably because the disproportions in weight between the front and the back. But for a city drive, this car is a joy.

Mahindra Renault Logan - 3.5/5

The Mahindra Renault Logan is quite cheerful at till the 40kmph mark, after that press the pedals more and you will find it gaining speed slowly. The Logan is not as quick as the Swift Dzire. But the ride and comfort is great and better than the Swift Dzire.

The Logan is a good car if you find signals every 200-300 meters, but at curving and cornering, the car is disappointing as the car bends a lot and might even roll if you go fast and take a sudden turn, which is what Autoblog had found out in the Logan. But we don't have to worry about that.For the city, the Logan gives a good stop and go treatment.

Value for money

Maruti Suzuki Swift Dzire - 4/5

Swift Dzire Ldi - Rs 510246
Swift Dzire Vdi - Rs 556245
Swift Dzire Zdi - Rs 641245

Mahindra Renault Logan - 3.5/5

MR Logan 1.5 DLE - Rs 577742
MR Logan 1.5 DLX - Rs 616078
MR Logan 1.5 DLS - Rs 668840

Looking at the figures there isn't much of a difference in the top variants of both the cars, but includes almost 55K difference between the first 2 variants of the 2 cars. The Swift Dzire will get the scores for the first 2 variants and the features that it gives.

(all prices are ex-showroom Chennai)


Maruti Suzuki Swift Dzire - 24.5/30
Mahindra Renault Logan - 23.5/30

As you can see, the Dzire scored well and is a very capable car at that price. The Logan too is a nice car but there are some aspects that the Dzire exceeds the Logan's limits. If you don't want a decent car with decent performance and maximum comfort, you should go with the Logan, if you like the rest, the Dzire is the man of the Diesel segment.

Note: The test was done on the top end variants of the Cars.

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Anonymous said...

useful comparison.

Anonymous said...

Having bought a Logan, i feel that i have made one of the best decisions,
It’s very good for long drives. Leg room is fantastic.
My friend just bought a swift dzire and he now regrets that why didn't he buy the new Logan Play,
That's right, Mahindra Renault have come up with this amazing new variant in Logan.
It has really trendy look and comes with alloy wheels, vinyls and a host of features like USB music system, parking sensor, driver info system, etc.
I checked it out on
This car sure tempts me!!!!!!!!!!!!

MansukhBhai a.k.a "Makodo" said...

Logan all the way anyways....not happy with your score

Anonymous said...

logan is the best........ u should have given logan 4.5 in transmission and 4.5 in value for money.

Rishabh said...

logan , i think it is the car of one of the foolest man , fool person will buy a logan instead of dzire.................dzire is best...

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