20 May 2008

Tata Motors Signed 10M $ Contest - Super Fuel Efficient

When the Tata Nano was on the drawing board, the engineers had to create a car that will fit the price, appeal to the customers, impressive design and a car of high Fuel Efficiency and Safety. This proves how much Tata Motors can do, making the world's cheapest car. We heard news of Tata creating an electric car too. After all these Tata Motors, has entered in an automotive contest, where Tata has to develop an e-drive micro car and an electric hybrid.

This contest will take place in the US. According to the rules, the product should be able to achieve 100 miles(160km) per gallon(3.75 Litres) energy equivalent and should have a good appeal to the customers. It is said that Tata Motors UK had signed an official letter that confirms the participation to the contest. The contest's name is called - "designed to inspire a new generation of viable, super fuel-efficient vehicles".

The rules are not easy. The cars that the producers will make should be fast. Second they should look good and feel good in order to make the customers buy them and should be able to get good orders. Third, the producer should have the capacity to produce them in large numbers. Forth, they should be in good in terms of Safety. And the main thing, the car should be 4 wheels or more!. The products showcased will not be science projects or concepts, they are direct production models, which might go for sale.


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