27 May 2008

Tata Nano Airbags to Cost Rs 400 only!

The manufacturers of the Worlds cheapest car (Tata Nano), Tata Motors has another idea on making the cheapest car more safe. Obviously keeping the low cost car tag in mind. How? They will be taking help from the automotive safety component maker Autoliv IFB India in making the cheapest airbag available till now.

The Nano is likely to have two frontal airbags for the high-end variants. The cheapest airbag which will be made for the Nano will cost about 10 USD, which is around Rs 400. Just for the note, the Zen Estilo's airbags are priced around 150USD, which is about Rs 6000.

Airbags for Rs 400 is like chocolate. The task is as tough as making the Tata Nano. But we don't know how good this airbag will work. Looking at the price, i expect it to be standard. But Autoliv is a global leader in automotive safety components, being the largest airbag manufacturer. In that case we might expect some quality.

A Tata Motors spokesperson said: “The company is under discussion with various suppliers for such equipment. The company has not taken any decision on air bags, and, therefore, there is nothing specific to Autoliv IFB India Ltd.” The airbags will be simple and will not have high-end features like the ones in big cars.


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