06 June 2008

2009 Honda City Pictures - Spied

Well, there it is.. the all new Honda City, er.. spy pictures. All thanks to the guys at Team Bhp. The car is indeed a young one of the elder Civic. The new Honda City was expected to be unveiled in August 08, and will make it to India by the end of the year or next year. Engines and output are still not confirmed. A hybrid version of this may also be considered later.

Honda might think of selling this car globally. Fuel prices and Fuel Economy may bring down the customers to small cars in other markets. The exteriors have the pose of the Honda Civic. The windows are much smaller compared to the current huge palace windows, which causes heating quickly.
The front is similar to the civic hybrid. The front and rear is great. look at the back and feel the stupidness of Honda, trying to copy the Toyota Vios. What I expected was a horizontal tail lamp(long one), like the Accord.. That would have been amazing. Overall, the car looks great in comparison to the rivals, except the Aveo, whose cherishful looks are still great and the aggressive SX4. The new Fiesta pictures will come soon.

For more Info, wait till August.
Picture Source: Team BHP


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