15 July 2008

Tata Nano Diesel - In Plans

3 more months from now(July) is the month when many people will be anxiously waiting and for some people, there might be a problem. The Tata Nano will be launched in October this year. The Nano petrol will also be accompanied by a Diesel engine that will be launched in 2009, that will add to more sales and congestion. Looking at the rise in fuel prices, this move could prove worthy to the people as well as Tata.

The Diesel engine will be provided by the German powertrain maker FEV. According to news and sources, the Nano will also have a Fuel injection system developed by Bosch. Being a diesel, we can expect the car to reach upto 2 Lakh on road or even more. M&M is also working with FEV for its electric-Diesel hybrid Scorpio.

According to sources in the auto industry, the car will sport the world’s first 800 cc, turbo charged, CRDi diesel engine. The diesel powertrain Nano will probably roll out in 2009. While Bosch is working on the CRDi system for the Nano, Honeywell Turbo India is working on the turbo charger. When contacted a Tata Motors spokesperson refused to comment.

The turbocharged CRDi engine on the Nano will not be a normal cheap diesel engine. The engine will be much advanced with the latest technology that will be as good as the higher cars. So until then lets be satisfied with the petrol


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