03 August 2008

2010 Chevrolet Optra Spied/Illustration

Here! one of the 2 most clear photos that have been sensationalized in the Internet. It is said that this car, called the Chevrolet Cruze will replace the Chevrolet Cobalt in other countries and will replace the Optra in India. Because of its looks i had my eyes opened wide! The car was so delicious to gobble it down. The car will hit the European market in the year 2009, er.. i.e, next year.

When the Optra was introduced, it had so many plus points, also won the "car of the year 2004" too. That was like 4 year ago, when the Optra was like God of the segment, also known as Chevrolet's boost. The price started decreasing due to heavy competition from the likes of Honda and Toyota, which left Chevrolet in third place.
So officially, this product will be made in 15 types in GM's brands. The pictures that have been illustrated is not completely the Optra one would get here in India, this is more of a Cobalt, though there wont be drastic changes in the new Optra's design, only the front and rear will be changed a little.

If you ask me.. if given an awesome engine with decent mileage, the Civic better find shelter.


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