05 August 2008

Toyota Prius Hybrid - Coming!

Toyota, which is currently running on poor sales as they have no new car available that can liberate sales. Toyota will start off with the new Toyota Corolla sedan soon. Toyota, on seeing Honda launching the Honda Civic hybrid, plans to bring the famous Prius hybrid sedan. This step has been taken as an answer to the high fuel prices and to support the "eco-friendly" tag.

"We are preparing to bring Prius into the Indian market though we have not set any timeline yet," Toyota Kirloskar Motor Ltd vice-chairman Vikram Kirloskar told in an interview.

Currently, Toyota is preparing and developing the skills to service it and to make the spare parts required for the car. The Prius sedan has great respect for itself in the wide USA market.

The Prius might be on the costly side, but when you plan to buy it for a long time, its a great buy as the cost of running is very low, with high mileage and low maintainance.

The Prius expected price is between 18-23Lakhs. The Prius runs both on fuel and electric power. This might be the future for India.. Hybrids.


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