20 October 2007

Hero Honda Hunk is here

Hero Honda launched another one of its crazy named bikes and this time its a - HUNK without a notice, one fine day it came in the papers. If you refer the dictionary, a HUNK is a man who has a body of a rock and it is completely man. Like Maruti refers to its car SX4 as a man machine. If this bike was compared to the CBZ, its better and more stylish. The CBZ Extreme was a bunch of extreme garbage and is not uniform.

TVS and Bajaj are taking away the HH sales, to get them back they have made an incredible styled bike. First look at this bike would not seem like a hero Honda, no sticker, no graphics and all those fancy thing. Its just perfect. They have cracked the code for design, increased the engine thingy and threw their tattoo job, all the problem why the HUNK name, its like "I am a Hunk and i drive a HUNK" ain't that cool?? If the other guy is a bit def or a joker.. he would say enna?? JUNKa, i know its perfect for u only.
Its armoured heavy, it even looks heavier than the Karizma, the engine is not seen that much and is packed up really nice, the sports bike look goes in completely well. The lights remind me of the HH Ambition, in fact the whole bike does seem like an Ambition successor, any of you guys reading this finds out the picture can compare them, the cuts and lines and the shapes too.

From the engine aspect the HUNK is similar to that of the Xtreme's. The engine displacement is 149.2cc and produces 14.2 bhp @ 8500rpm with a max torque of 12.8Nm @ 6500rpm. This one also comes with first in HH gas charged and adjustable rear shocks. Seriously, the bike is definitely like an Ambition with Apache RTR160's look. The new Fuel tank is accompanied by the big plastic extensions with the HUNK signed on it. The turn indicators are well placed and have no chances of bouncing when you hit a pothole. The extension of plastic mudguard below the lights are signs of sportiness and the black and dark color combo which is found in almost all the bikes are signs of sportiness as well as pictures of beast.
The Bikes engine and Fuel Economy is said to be a tad better than the X-treme, and the features are down to earth with no LED, digi-speedo and Clip handlebars. The Hunk has been priced at Rs. 55,000 (ex showroom New Delhi) for the kick start model and Rs. 57,000 (ex showroom New Delhi) for the self start model. Hope to see the latest pictures of this bike.

Now here is one of the most saddest color a manufacturer can make
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JayanRajan said...

hey dude the last pic is photoshoped by me on a request of a XBHPian...HH Hunk doesnt come in that color.

JayanRajan said...

The last pic u posted is photoshoped by me...HH Hunk is not coming in that color...u dont hv to worry abt it...:)

AutoCrust said...

:) thanks for telling me. but it looks real though. Anyway ill keep the pic

Raman said...

Why do they have the Honda engine?

Deepak said...

bike lies between good and so-so rating,,,,,but the name made it worse
Noone realy like to be refered as a HUNK....lol

sai said...

Dear Sir
Bike lies between good and so-so rating but the my reason of digital meter of my recast

Ravi said...

Waaak! Watch the HUNKs TAIL dude, that looks worst.
CBZ is far far better than this JUNK-HUNK.


Venkkitaraman NR said...

Looks some similarity of new unicorn - the petrol tank, front view, etc, and back resembles pulsar's tile. Tank side is similar to pulsar 200. More attributes to xtreme/rtr. In total looks good and manly.

abdullah said...

hey there everybody i see many ppl complainig about the absence of a digi speedo.but the ordinary speedo with a chrome ring around it adds 2 the muscularity of the hunk but a digi speedo spoils it!

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