28 October 2007

Hyundai Pa i10

I guess i am a little late in bringing this news, but still i would like to write about it. The hatch segment family of India is given another member from Hyundai, and will be placed in the price brackets between 3.5-5L and will be introduced first in India and plans to export it also.

This time, the design is really attractive, than the 'Santro Xing' unlike the egg-shaped Verna. The wiped off headlights with a touch of black and the aggressive grille with the neat Hyundai symbol and gliding look of the front bonnet and goes back with the Santro doors and slides down back in its own unique style. I seriously think that this car will be replacing the Santro, as the Santro is not that big and spacious and this car seem to look good and said that it will offer good space and that too the Santro got a Rs 40.000 cut in price.
They will be equipped with 1.1L Petrol engine or a Diesel is also possible, which will be a little later. Also Safety is also given an option with ABS and Airbags as Optional accessories. The interiors are said to be spacious and might come in beige and black combination.

Its 4 more days for us from today when this car will be released - i.e November 1, and the Koreans will be unveiling the car, name and specs officially, but right now what i saw on Television was an advertisement from Hyundai, in which Shah Rukh Khan was in it.. I think it was a coming soon advertisement for the Hyundai 'Pa or i10' as i didn't see it completely and properly. If anyone had seen it, please share it with us.
The Hyundai Santro was a major hit, and the Hyundai Pa i10 is better styled, and fresh car with the same engine capacity, this car will also be a hit if it will be priced better than Santro.
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Gaurav said...

Hwy could any one help me out ....i need to choose between santro gls and i10 era...plz tell me wht should i opt for.......mail me at gauravmakkar@gmail.com......i would be glad to here from anyone regarding this

sajith nair said...


santro GlS is a better model compared to i10 Era..wanna a new car then go for i10...

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